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Silent Man
# Posted: 11 Mar 2006 13:48

Can someone gather here some interviews with Ruslana (English translated)?

# Posted: 11 Mar 2006 14:05

You can find a very nice interview in Belgium on :
Click Artiesten - Interviews - 2004.
"An interview with the extremely sympathic Ruslana"

# Posted: 11 Mar 2006 18:05

Silent Man
Can someone gather here some interviews with Ruslana (English translated)?

Will they be from Ukrainian newspapers?
I'll try...

# Posted: 12 Mar 2006 01:31

Silent Man

can you specify your question a bit? is interviews in general or something specific?

Anyway, Here is one interview, its old from ESC 2004 but it is an interview with Ruslana......

# Posted: 12 Mar 2006 01:45

Did you see the belgian one Lusse ? It's so nice.

# Posted: 12 Mar 2006 02:19


yes, I have seen it long time ago and see it again now but I dont understand it, but its nice anyway - a pity that there is a bunch of huge white subtitles letters in her face!

Silent Man
# Posted: 12 Mar 2006 13:15

Thank you!

can you specify your question a bit? is interviews in general or something specific?
It makes no difference, because I don't have any English interviews or interview videos with English subtitles so all interviews are welcome!

Silent Man
# Posted: 17 Mar 2006 02:19

More interviews please!

# Posted: 17 Mar 2006 03:41

Silent Man

I would love to give you more but I am really busy at the moment with other things. I visit the forum fast and just talk a little and I have got no time for research and so on by now, just be patient and I/and or someone else will help you out :-)

# Posted: 17 Mar 2006 09:12 - Edited by: cora

Silent Man

Good idea for a topic. Unfortunately I don't have many interviews in English. Here is one which Ann kindly translated in the topic "It's time for way rare Ruslana pics".

Telegid 11-01-06

Because of the constant Ruslana?s trips she still doesn?t have her own house, but she exactly know how should be look like the house in her dreams.
The spacious house in which the singer with husband Olexander Ksenofontov are living now - belongs to their good friends.
-The matter is that we have left our Lvov apartment, and in Kiev we still didn?t buy a house, - speaks Ruslana. ?so we live for the time being in this private residence.
On all it is visible, that their friends are people not only generous, but also not poor. However, whether, the three-tier house in which now lives Ruslana is similar to the house of her dream? We compared her two monasteries to help Ruslana?s now apartament and the future, virtual.
Who is knock in the house?
Now. Musicians! Beat on drums in studio on the third floor.
- Now at us not the house, and a madhouse, - complains a star. - we in fact have tried to combine in it incompatible. Here at us and our rehearsal base, both studio of a sound recording, and a room for rest. On a ground floor - big living room and kitchen, on the second - a study and a bedroom, on a minus of the first - a training hall and pool. Near to the house - a volleyball platform.

How will be? Future house of Ruslana, as she says, will be the same enormous. The singer would like very much to have an athletic field as likes to go in for sports on fresh air near a house. WELL and to live the singer plans, as well as now, separately from parents:
- Mine, or Sasha?s mum cannot exist in our mad rhythm, - speaks Ruslana.-At a meeting they each time with a suffering look ask us: " Well how many time is it possible to agonize yourselves?!?

- " It is So much, how many it is necessary ", we answer and we issue new albums. recently Have stopped " Ruslana. Club'in " with special a chess piece. All fans who have bought license disk receive personal to access to additional to tracks of the exclusive information on my site

What is grow in the house?
Now. In the Ruslana?s house there are a lot of plants and the big winter garden in which the singer has put a small little table with musical the center and.. A swing.
-ί call this place the study, - is told by the singer. - I Like to sit here, looking in a window to admire plants or to listen silent music. When it is necessary to work also I go here. A nice place.
How Will be? In the house of the dream the singer sees even more plants. She Speaks, that she would collect the same collection of cactuses what were in the childhood, and has planted a lot of twisted plants. Though mad cucumber, though decorative grapes.
-It is not important for me, plants blossom whether or not, - speaks Ruslana. - the Main thing that there was a violence of greens.

Who in a court yard growls?
Now. The star does not hold animals though very much likes them. And not only cats and dogs...
My First ward was the parrot, but it lived with me not for a long time: later some months it got away through an open window. Then I had a cat, a dog. And the still - turtle, which friends have presented for me on the New year. For its quickly character I nicknamed its Turtle-ninjia. All of them, and also the white rabbit who to me has bought Sasha, it was necessary to give to village.
How will be?
-If I could, speaks Ruslana, that, except for a winter garden, make also a menagerie. How to know, this dream can sometime.
How is the small house arranged?

Now. In lapidary style. In the house the windows curtained by transparent curtains, a minimum of furniture and a decor.
How will be? For Ruslana it is not important, as her house will be arranged! She dreams of that in her future house all equipment was placed.
-Personal I have not a lot of clothers so for me it is not necessary to have a big checkroom, the singer speaks. - And for concert propertis and suits already capacious warehouse is necessary. All superfluous far away!
As it was found out, the star equally does not accept classics and a baroque. The gilt candlesticks, fabrics laces and gloommy pictures are deduce her from herself.
To me , natural and raw - so to say, protogenic!-
Tells Ruslana. - Once in one of small towns of Finland I have seen table set - forks and spoons. They have been made of steel, but a kind unfinished. As though them after training overlooked to grind. I adore such things! Till now has not bought that set!

# Posted: 17 Mar 2006 09:17

NatalkaDresden kindly translated 2 recent interviews into German. They are very long. Guido started to translate one of them into English. Maybe someone can help to translate from the original? That would be great! ms=1177

# Posted: 17 Mar 2006 10:06

It's not easy to translate a translation, you should start from the original.

Silent Man
# Posted: 18 Mar 2006 12:20

Thank you!

I would love to give you more but I am really busy at the moment with other things. I visit the forum fast and just talk a little and I have got no time for research and so on by now, just be patient and I/and or someone else will help you out :-)
No problem :-)

# Posted: 19 Mar 2006 21:20

Ruslana: ?Now Eurovision is my life??


Ruslana: What am I doing now? My team and I visit many Eurovision countries where national selection rounds of Eurovision-2005 are coming to their end. I have already been to 10 countries. I know almost all contestants. I have my favourite ones. For example, I am fond of Javine who won in the United Kingdom. She?s cool but she?d like to be similar to our ?Wild Dances? a little bit, she performs her songs with tambourines, uses ethnic tunes? Now Eurovision is my life. Everything that happens to me is either consequences of the previous contest or hopes for the next one. It doesn?t matter whether I am on the stage or not, in Ukraine or abroad ? everything is connected with the contest.

Correspondent: Will you take part in the opening ceremony of this year?s contest in Palats Sportu? What will you perform?

R: I will. But the song is a secret. I don?t want public attention to be moved on me. I?ll just remember everybody that ?Wild Dances? are not for one day only. This project will be still conquering the world. I have already got ?silver? and ?platinum? in 7 countries according to the quantity of discs sold. And actually this is without serious promotion.

C: Do you plan to go to Sweden where in autumn the winners of all
previous contests will be gathered?

R: I?m going to.

C: What do you think of ?Greenjolly??s victory in the national selection round?

R: An hour ago I flew back to Ukraine from Great Britain where I had 3-4 concerts a day. In the evening I'll go back. So I am not well in the know. Everything I know is what my husband Sashko told me or journalists? words either our native ones or from abroad. But I have my own vision of it. I like both ?Greenjolly? and their song for the contest. I don?t want so much politics around this issue. I am waiting for the renewed version of their song ?Razom nas bahato?. It?s very pleasant for this hymn of the Orange Revolution is known throughout Europe. Indeed it?s a symbol of Maidan as well a song of Taras Petrynenko ?Ukraine?. It?s not so important who and what will be singing at Eurovision, the most significant thing is for the guests to know more about Ukraine and hear as many as possible Ukrainian singers and bands. How to do it, where will they sing, on what Kyiv stages ? these are the problems that worry me most of all. This what should be of interest to the organizing committee of the contest.

C: How fair was Ani Lorak?s result in the national selection round? She was the main challenger for the final and we have ?Greenjolly? and, by the way, hors concours?

R: Yes, I know that Ani Lorak was in the mood to take part in Eurovision, and we talked a lot about it. I agree that she?s a real challenger, she a star with great deal of experience, with perfect vocal potential. I worried over her. But nevertheless I am glad that ?Greenjolly? will present Ukraine. It seems to me that everyone in Europe is talking only about our Orange Revolution. Not long ago I was in Germany ? the whole country is almost in love with us. By the way, the song ?Razom nas bahato? has been already translated into several languages: German, Polish, English? It?s broadcasted over the radio, it?s talked about on TV.

C: Can ?Greenjolly? expect to win?

R: They can. What made ?Wild Dances? fascinate the audience? The energetic power! We impressed them with our push and go. This emotional height made the audience vote for us. I guess the same thing will give ?Greenjolly? their success. If they manage to pour a lot of positive energy upon the audience, they are sure to have a high rank. Believe me, no country pays so much attention to Eurovision as we do. Abroad they have a different and traditional attitude towards Eurovision: it?s a musical contest that has its own audience of fans who go with it during last 30 years from one place to another. Now this event is becoming more and more grandiose.

C: Yes, but no one has been taking care of the festival?

R: It seemed to me that the previous government and the previous organizing committee of Eurovision-2005 did and signed a least something. It?s a pity but I was wrong. But there was a group of young energetic men who together with me won the first place in Istanbul: the current executive producer of Eurovision-2005 Pavlo Hrytsak and managers of the department of international relations of National Television Company. It is the team that ran my promotion in Europe. And when we returned to Kyiv, we sat down and began to think what to do, how to organize the contest in Kyiv. Almost during half a year we were in a state of uncertainty.

C: But the organizing committee of Eurovision-2005 was created in May - June 2004?

R: Perhaps it existed but only on the paper. It seemed that nobody but our team was interested in the future festival. To tell the truth, journalists were. And thank you very much indeed to your colleagues. Because of the mass media the state at least remembered about this important event. But now everybody sees that Eurovision becomes one of the priorities for the government. President Viktor Yuschenko took the contest under his patronage.

C: They say you are preparing some TV ads for Eurovision?

R: They will present Ukraine during the festival, they will be broadcasted in the intervals between the songs of the contestants in Palats Sportu (Palace of Sport). There will be a lot of them. But I don?t act there. But no ? in one part I am standing next to Vitaliy Klychko and we are saying together: ?Welcome to Ukraine!?. To shoot this episode, I was given a very small chair to stand on for me to be a little taller because I was up to his breast and he looked at me from above. And when I got almost taller than Vitaliy, he said: ?What?!!!? and I was standing on the floor again. Some part of the video materials is from my own video archive. And people who made films about Ukraine also gave us their sequences. This is not just mountains and rivers, we introduce some conception, some interesting idea into the video. The montage of some TV ads will also be mine. Some will done by famous directors, for example, Oleh Sanin (he shot the movie ?Mamai?).

Valeriy NONSVITSKYI, ?Khreschatyk?

# Posted: 19 Mar 2006 23:27

Thanks Cora !

# Posted: 20 Mar 2006 13:59

Translation of interview in German magazine Stern, 9th June 2004:
See also here.

Who doesn't watch, cracks up

She is the woman with the whip who stole our Max the show at the Eurovision Song Contest. Ruslana Lyzhichko about her wild life and German supermarkets.

My God you are limping.
This must have happened at a show in the Ukraine. I have rubbed my ankle sore and saw only blood. But I don't feel pain, when I am performing.

No wonder, how you crack the whip?
When we sang the song again after the victory in Istanbul as an encore, I whipped myself by accident. It didn't hurt, in fact I had to laugh. I was just a bit afraid that blood would be pouring out somewhere.

Are you always that tough?
My ancestors are huzuls, wild mountain people from the Carpartian mountains. I have lived in the mountains for a long time and the manners there are rough. Twice I have been snatched from the jaws of death, when I had an helicoptor accident. My life is extreme and maybe that's why I am so crazy.

You are even singing about this in your song 'Wild Dance'.
Our dances are like a fight to survive. Who doesn't watch, cracks up.

How could you be so sure that these archaic Carpathian dances would be internationally successful?
Because of my concerts in Germany.

Have you performed here?
Yes, in big supermarkets. In Jena for example. About one year ago.

Hard to believe: a concert in a supermarket should have been the starting signal for your european triumphal march up to the victory in Istanbul?
Yes, it was great. We had a sort of stage in front of the check-outs. People came with their shopping bags and stopped and celebrated Ukrainian music. They were enthusiastic. This was the moment, when I believed that it could be possible in Europe.

Supermarkets are here regarded as a stage for worn-out pop stars.
In the Ukraine I have even performed regularly in the shoping streets. I wanted to show that a star does not need to be unapproachable.

You are the first artist in your country to have sold more than 100,000 records. A television station has even elected you recently the "personality of the year".
There is a lot of fuss about me in the Ukraine. I don't like to talk about all these awards.

Even president Kutschma seemed to be quite exited when he congratulated you.
He has given me the greatest award which can be given to an artist. I am officially "singer of the people".

Wasn't that embarrassing for you? After all Kutschma is not really a popular head of the state. For many years he has been accused to take shamelessly from the public purse while his country is starving.
The president talked to me like to his own daughter. Things are not looking as bad in the Ukraine as many people think. Apart from that the old politicians will retire soon. We must believe in the Ukraine.

What kind of role will you play at the 50. Eurovision Song Contest next year?
I will be part of the organization committee. Most likely a new venue will be built in Kiev for this event.

Will you then sing together with Stefan Raab?
First of all I want to release my new album on 19th July. But I would like to dring wodka with Stefan Raab. This would be hard for him.

Silent Man
# Posted: 20 Mar 2006 22:12

Thank you!

Silent Man
# Posted: 31 Mar 2006 15:30

More English interviews are welcome!

Silent Man
# Posted: 13 May 2006 15:26

Another interview.

?If you want to reach the top, never look down.?

Interview with Ruslana

16 February 2005 was invited by the Ukrainian embassy in Berlin and EASTBLOK Music to meet Ruslana, almost a year after her tremendous success in Istanbul at the Eurovision Song Contest.

As a figurehead for the Ukrainian music scene, Ruslana was in Germany to promote the new CD compilation ?UKRAINA ? Songs of the Orange Revolution? and her new single ?Dance With The Wolves?. The CD is the first collection of Ukrainian music to be released in Europe and contains a variety of different styles ? from rock, pop and hip-hop to reggae and punk. The songs are performed by the same artists who played free of charge, in the snow and rain, for the masses in the streets of the Ukraine during last year?s ?Orange Revolution?.

Ruslana brings us greetings from the Ukraine ? ?The Ukraine smiles at Europe? ?, from President Yutschenko with whom she stays in regular contact and from boxers Volodymyr and Vitali Klytschko who received a ?Golden Camera? award in Germany a few days ago for their political efforts in the Ukraine.

Ruslana herself spent the revolution out in the streets with her megaphone, alongside the people on the central square in Kyiv, in her orange pullover...

?I was going to wear it this evening, but then I decided against it?, Ruslana explains. ?It would take too long for me to describe all the memories it holds.?

Instead of these memories, we chat about what it is that gives Ruslana the energy to go on and on. Asked where she gets all her strength ? her ?wildness? ? from, Ruslana tells us a very personal story of how she once went rock-climbing in the Carpathian mountains with her father. It was there that he taught her an essential lesson that became her philosophy for life: ?If you want to reach the top, never look down.?

Ruslana inherited her love of music from her mother, a musical conductor and pianist. Like her mother, Ruslana became a conductor and will prove it to the world when the Ukraine is presented to the EU parliament in Brussels this year. Ruslana, welcome to Berlin and thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Is this your first time in Germany and have you had any time for sightseeing?

Ruslana: No, I?ve been here before and I have actually had some time to look around. I must say, Berlin is the only European city where I enjoy shopping. What did you buy?

Ruslana: Shoes! Very beautiful, antique boots with metal plates. You will be back in Berlin in about three weeks for the German national final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Will we see you on stage?

Ruslana: Yes, that?s right. I will come back to Berlin with my new song ?Dance With The Wolves? and I?ll be singing some songs during the German Eurovision final ? one of which will hopefully be a very big surprise for you.

[ tried to find out more details but failed. So please check the site again to find out.] Rumour has it that you will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kyiv. What can you tell us about that?

Ruslana: We are discussing various ideas ? and that?s one of them. But nothing has been decided yet. Nethertheless, I would like to invite you all to the Ukraine. We?ll be there! In your press conference earlier today, you said that winning the Eurovision Song Contest last year was a turning point in your career. Can you tell us what life has been like between now and then? What are your most important memories?

Ruslana: The Orange Revolution. That has been the most important thing in my life. In the media, we keep seeing headlines like ?Ruslana in Slovenia?, ?Ruslana in FYR Macedonia?, ?Ruslana... everywhere?. When and how do you relax?

Ruslana: Hmmm, it?s hard to say where I get my energy from. I don?t need that much sleep. During flights, I find time to sit back and relax. But more important for me is the strength that I get from my audience and fans during my concerts. That is so precious to me. It helps me to go on. And I have a brilliant team who I love working with. Not only did you win the Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey, you also received a World Music Award in Las Vegas. Which is the most important award for you?

Ruslana: All my awards are very precious to me. That is what counts for an artist. As a person, though, the revolution in my country is the most important thing. Orange is my favourite colour. The media say that the main benefit of the Orange Revolution is that Europe and the world now know where the Ukraine is on a map. What has been the most precious thing from your point of view?

Ruslana: The joy of the people. Their belief in themselves and their self-confidence. The revolution brought us together and gave us power. What can we expect from the Eurovision Song Contest in May? Can you tell us a little about the social activities and events that are planned for Kyiv?

Ruslana: We are still talking about what we can do. There are various technical things to be taken into consideration as well as organisational aspects and budgets, of course. We are discussing a lot of plans and will make a final decision in the next few weeks. Because of the revolution, we are a bit behind schedule so we?ll have to push the envelope. A final question. What are your next plans after May?

Ruslana: I will do a new video, support some charity projects and prepare a brand new show that will take me to a lot of European countries again. It will be a wild show. We don?t doubt it! Good luck, see you soon and thanks again for the interview.

# Posted: 17 Nov 2006 20:48


Ruslana, ?I?ve Got My Stereotype of Donetsk Broken?

Ruslana Stepaniovna Lyzhychko came to Donetsk in an unusual image. Being the people?s deputy of Ukraine and (just be prepared!) chairman of the subcommittee on issues of informational provision of European and European-Atlantic integration of the VRU Committee on issues of European integration, she was invited to participate in opening of the NATO Autumn Academy. Besides, Ruslana is also the member of the group on inter-parliamentary relations with Turkey, so her living experience was applied in Donetsk as well.

But sitting among the serious men in the presidium of the NATO Autumn Academy on the topic ?NATO, Europe and problems of regional safety?, she looked optimistic and smiled. She also spoke, sincerely, smart.

She admitted that did not come to Donetsk after her victory at ?Eurovision?, she justified herself saying that she had ?difficult [period?. She begged to forgive her and reminded that she was happy that her career started in Donetsk as well and then she spoke about the horrors for local politicians ? about NATO and European Union.

?I came to support what?s going on in Donetsk today,? Ruslana said.

She told that she learnt about Europe and world and sees where the truth is and where the people are deceived. The topic of NATO is one of the most painful and speculative. People are proposed to make their minds themselves to join or no to join NATO, not reminding that everything has changed, who is the enemy and who is not, who to believe.

?If we put the question in this way then people should be informed first and told about it/ Let them know more. And God forbid to express your own opinion,? Ruslana said. She assured that, being a deputy, she would all the best so that people in Ukraine know more about Europe and world and let people come to conclusions on their own.

After the official part, Ruslana gave an interview on the local TV, met with students if the Donetsk National University and communicated with ?Ostrov? correspondents. Her press service requested to give her not more than there questions due to short time and leaving for Kiev. Even with them it was not so easy to reach Ruslana, after meeting with exulted students, for about a quarter of an hour she was giving out her autographs, was taken photos of by cameras and mobile phones.

- Ruslana. What are impressions after this blitz-visit?

- Honestly, I have got my stereotype broken, the one of a person who heard a lot of wrong things about Donetsk and Donetsk region, When I was coming here I had some feelings and I thought that political situation would be imprinted upon the communication and we?ll have some problems of ideas. I am very emotional I feel things fine and I will have the opportunity to positively respond, Nevertheless, somewhere deep in heart I was worried.

Today my stereotypes have just been broken because I spoke with my old friends, we came to the radio station, there was communication at the conference and they are just supermen. It seems to me that politics is being made right here. It is the politics of warm-hearted people, who are not spoiled and absolutely open. They put progressive questions, and for me Donetsk has just revived. I?ve got some feeling to this area, here my work started with the album ?The moment of spring?, here I cooperated with the advertisement agency ?Bita?. Here is Kolya Mikhaylov, the Donetsk producer, who shop ?Morning? and then there are many clips for including ?I know?, which was already ?Wild Dances?. So to come here for the first time after the victory at ?Eurovision? was great satisfaction and peace of mind. I really felt that scandalous political conflict situations could set aside and communicate normally, in a human way, as usual?

- Have your attitude of a people?s deputy and creative person changed to politics?

I?d like to stress that I am some incorrect people?s deputy (smiling), who has incorrect vision of the politics from the point of view of contemporary politics. I am a woman who is absolutely independent from policy, who doesn?t want anything from politics. In such situation you can allow yourself to be absolutely independent. As I chose the processes and projects that worry me, I?m very natural in those issues. I chose the things that I am competent in, the things that I am strong in or have opportunity to do something, to change something.

As for the informational provision, I?ll tell honestly, I am very experienced in it. I can provide with the image of one thing in both positive and negative aspects. Knowing these technologies, On the contrary, I want to avoid any propaganda and reach maximal objectivity, as far as it is possible, because I am independent in politics. We would like to see all the pluses and minuses of the country?s movement. I attended all areas of the world ? America, Europe, Russia, China, except for Japan and Australia and I can make conclusions. Speaking to journalists, having direct practical experience of talking to politicians, Concerts, my charity actions, participating in such active life, I can understand it all.

I am not going to expose my subjective judgments in any case, because it is political assignment, information provision, not my own opinion. This is, maybe, the difference between me and those who are incorporating their own interests in politics. I am most worried about exposure of some opinion without justifying it. Being a person who works creatively, this has become hindrance for me in politics. I am trying to avoid emotions and shouts in the parliament. I am surprised that I don?t even have desire to stand up and respond to somebody?s opinion, because it doesn?t look solid. I am contrary different from my emotional image on the scene. In politics I have become very concentrated.

- Do you connect your creative plans with Donetsk again?

- I would love to resume our plans and ideas concerning filming in Svyatorgorsk, This is fantastic place. We started doing film there, and that is the area that should be advertised a lot. Then I have an idea and dream to show the image of a mill, the mill of energy, some kind of fantasy. As we have already started this work ?Wiled Energy?, I think that here I can find the works (smiling) that I would like to shoot it.

Besides, I will do some charity projects. I am going to concentrate on the absolutely real charity projects. The forthcoming tour of ?Wild Energy? will be not commercial but charity one. And I will allow for myself to collect funds for some projects on children?s hospitals, t thing that we are involved in now. I forwarded some money, about 40 thousand UAH, to Dniepropetrovsk for resuscitation ward, and now we are collecting money for Lvov children?s hospital. I would love to give here a concert and I would like to find the partners? money, they would support this idea. I?ve already heard some propositions, the taxi drives grumble about poor roads (smiling)?

For me, it was a very interesting trip. (Coughing). In the morning I woke up in such a state that my relatives just forbade for me to go anywhere, but I did go and I am very glad

# Posted: 14 Oct 2007 19:41

Guido provided this translation of an interview with Ruslana in the Dutch newspaper De Standard:

I made a translation, but added some personal comments and a little joke. My comments are in italics.

De Standaard – 09/10/07

Ruslana (34) winner of ESC and ex member of parlament.
Ukraine has difficult times, but the spirit of orange revolution isn't dead in the heart of the people.

When orange revolution took place in winter of 2004, the new ESC winner Ruslana was also on the barricades. The singer wearing bear skin and also business woman sang on Majdan. And she went into hungerstrike when the authoritative regime didn't want to recognize the victory of opposition leader Juschenko.
(hehe only one day )

In parlement elections march 2006 she was elected on Joesjenkos list – now president. But last elections she was not a canidate anymore. "That doesn't mean I am no longer interested in politics." She said to our paper.

The orange parties have a small majority but Ukraine has a chronic political crise for 3 years. How do you see the elections?

There is a fight to correct the mistakes from the past. Such a transition from an old system to a new one is allways difficult.
The most important thing is that everything in Ukrain happens calmly, peacefully and democratic. We will not give chance to violence or to splitting the country.
(That would be even more difficult then splitting Belgium)

And in between we have to make work on developping Ukraine according to european standards, even apart from our dream of becoming member of EU.

In spite of the new success of 'orange' a lot of veterans of orange revolution became cynical : They don't trust politics anymore.
(I am afraid Ruslana is one of them)

But as a country Ukrain didn't lost it's believe.
Everyone still has something of orange revolution in him.
Before that no one was interested in politics except for the politicians themselves. Without orange revolution Vitali Klitjsko or me would not have entered politics.

You were in parlament since 2006 elections until early elections last week. What was your experience?

You go in there with orange spectacles – and then they take off your orange spectacles (laughs). I came into parlement when the situation was very complex.
(The small socialist party left the orange block to give party of the regions – Viktor Janukowitsj - a majority. After that Janu tried to buy more members of opposition)
(I hope he didn't try to buy Ruslana – don't think she would do it)

But I stay believing in everything I devoted for in parlament : Membership of EU, NATO and the production of renewable energy.
(Wild energy?)

Most of ukrainian politicans no longer say they support becoming member of NATO because the idea is not popular amongst the people and it troubles relations with Russia.

Becoming member of NATO is a first step in becoming member of EU. It was so for all new members of EU the last years.
And today it is an unforgivable mistake for Ukrain that we are so far from that option. Even ex prime minister Janukowitsj becomes more and more pro-Europe.
(Ukraina Evropa – certse. Of course. Too simple to say Janu is pro Russia and against Europe and Ju is the opposite.It's not that simple in my opinion )

The current situation doesn't give ukrain politicians much other choices. It's impossible to develop business live further without european standards.

The european state model is what Ukrain needs when it wants to keep it identity.

The people that are against NATO don't bother about the alliance itself. They mostly do it to keep their popularity amongst voters who still think as in Soviet times. Furthermore the former government didn't organize an information campaign as she promised. I'm still mad about that.

Russia and Ukrain have a difficult relation. How do you see that?

No one needs conflicts, not with Russia either.
But Ukraine clearly has to get rid of one problem : Its dependance on russian energy. It will be difficult but necessary.

The russian ambassador in Kiev suggested before elections the price of gas would depend on who is in the coalition.

It's no secret Russia is aggressive in its politics.
I believe those aggressive remarks lead to nothing. And they surely don't prove real power.
Russia has oil and gas for another 400 years but when I recently gave a concert in a russian town media was full of messages they would exhaust their natural resources within 30 years.
Some russians talk about their 'golden period of stability' but we know what's behind that stability.
I don't think Russia has a type of democraty we believe in.
(True Ruslana)

According to some russians Ukrain shows which problems a democracy creates and so they prefer their authoritarian system.

On the countrary I believe Russia has something to do with the political crisis here.
If there was less energy blackmail it would go easier for us.
It would be interesting to see how Russia would react if they would constantly be put under pressure with pipelines.
Also about orange revolution russian media from the beginning never presented the facts honoustly.

On the other hand I never experienced censorship in Russia : That's strange and nice.
Even during orange revolution I had concerts on their prime channel and they never cancelled me.
(Who would cancel YOU Ruslana ? But they censored video clip Wild Dances – didn't they?)

Another famous ukrainian woman is Julia Timoshenko who wants to be prime minister once more.

A strong woman. If she doesn't become prime minister now she will go for president in 2009.
She is an unusual politician with an unbelievable physical appearance and huge charisma.
But there is allways a 'but'.
She's charismatic, assertive and aggressive in opposition but when in power she makes extreme manoeuvres. That can give unpredictable results.

You were elected the most beautiful girl in parlement. Timo was only number 2. How did she react when she heard you were no longer a candidate ?

GUIDO ! The Standaard is a very serious paper. They would never ask that. So Continue translating.
(ok Ruslana – just needed a joke in a serious article)

You are doing the finishing touch on your new album 'Wild Energy'. You are trying to promote clean energy in Ukraine.

It's a very fascinating project and a musical experiment.
We want to launch a 'new ideology of energy'.
(So now we fans finally understand why it takes so long)

Don't think I do it for my patrons (sponsors ?)
It's the ideology of a girl in a country with an energy independence problem.
(Have to ask our Wild Sister – she has the book in russian).

Ukrain is the country of Tsjernobyl nuclear disaster, gas conflicts with Russia and enormous plains where you can put a lot of windmills.
But people in the streets of Kiev don't care about that, they are only concerned about earning money.

I talked to a lot of people also to people in the (wild ?) energy business in Ukraine and you are right : They only think about money.
That's sad and it doesn't change.
Whe should be the first country producing renewable energy but we make mistake after mistake.
But the possibilities are there, also economically. Foreign investors are very interested in projects for renewable energy in Ukraine but in the same time we don't do enough to create a positive climate for those investors. By doing something about those problems we will all win.

Ukraine today is like a baby with a rattle. How do you distract such a baby from his rattle ?

By making more noice with a bigger rattle.
(That's what Ruslana means with 'make some noice' ?)
It's our duty to transform our energy sector into that bigger rattle and then society will turn his head (?)

Djakuju Ruslana

In my next time I become a fan of Eddy Wally – the voice of Europe. Interview him about belgian politics and he will only answer : Geweldig (great). Not so much translating work.
But in this life I prefer Ruslana !

# Posted: 14 Oct 2007 20:06

Guido provided this translation of an interview with Ruslana in the Dutch newspaper De Standard:
Sorry Cora it's a belgian paper De Standaard but the language is dutch.

Strange Ruslana was so popular in Flanders and not in Holland. Except for Esther of course :-)

# Posted: 14 Oct 2007 20:43

it's a belgian paper De Standaard but the language is dutch.

Sorry. The editing function is still not working. It's annoying!

# Posted: 15 Oct 2007 10:44

thank you.
I think it is sad they have to become a nato member before they can enter te EU. but iceland is a nato member too and they don't even have an army. I think the nato is a very dated institute with a very old dusty man leading it.

# Posted: 15 Oct 2007 20:59

I think the nato is a very dated institute with a very old dusty man leading it.
Yeah, we talked about it in this topic.

# Posted: 29 Oct 2007 01:11 - Edited by: Tim

Interview with Ruslana
Copyright by Sanoma Uitgevers

Article from BreakOut! magazine from 17 June 2004.

Normally the competitors from the Eurovision Contests are even more boring then a grandpa parking his wheelchair. Till we saw Ruslana from Ukraine on television. This babe went crazy like she was Christina Aguilera herself. But mmmm, beautiful ladies? In Ukraine? During the interview with the singer we wanted to know more about that.

Ruslana is a crazy name for someone is from Ukraine.

I have no connection with Russia. Ruslana is diversion of a anicient language. It means Alanis, that's a bit normal name right?

Is Ukraine much different that the Netherlands

Not really. Amsterdam is almost the same as my birthcity in Western Ukraine. That's why I feel so relaxed when I am here.

Do the people in Ukraine also listen to Usher and Beyoncé?

Of course! This morning my driver played a DVD from Usher in the car; I wanted to buy it immediatly. Unfortunatly they didn't had it in stores yet. Luckily my CD was there!

We have Frans Bauer. Who does Ukraine have
(Side information: Frans Bauer is a Dutch national singer)

There are many artists who make funny music, it's difficult to explain it. And we also have the traditional folkmusicmakers. They are funny aswel.

Do young people like that?

Mwoah, that music is more for older people. Youngstars love more the same kind of music you listen in the Netherlands; popmusic and dance.

It is said that there are a lot of beautiful womens in your country. Is that true?

Yes! Do you have a girlfriend?

Eh, yes.

Then you should better take a friend with you to the next Eurovision in Ukraine. He will find a girlfriend with no doubt.

Are there many beauties free then?

I don't mean that the women in Ukraine are easy. I just want to say that they are beautiful and very sexy.

And the men? Are they also worth the try?

I allready got one, so men don't really intrest me anymore, haha!

Were you famous in Ukraine before you won the Eurovision Song Contest?

I allready had a platina album, it was the first time it happened in my country, no other artist achieved it. And I gave 30 concerts in 1.5 months time.

You are also do something with opera right?

I once conducted a choir and a orchestra during a festival. I am a professtional conductor.

Wauw, isn't that just for old men with grey haircuts?

Why? I love to do it. If you dont believe me: during my concerts which I will give in a few months, I am planning to conduct a piece myself.

During the performance you had some cool clothes. Made them yourself?

Nee, these are designs which I took from the mountains of Ukraine. This belt for example was made by villagers in the mountains, they really live seperated from the civilized world. Not made in Taiwan! Most of the clothes are made of leather and metal. It's all inspired by the style of a mountainfolk.

What is the latest fashionhype in Ukraine?

We are not that seperated from the rest of Ukraine! The trends are about the same as here.

Do you like the Ukrainian language?

Yes, is very melodieus and easy for your throath.

Is it a romantic language?

You have Ukrainian from the highmountains and from the valley. In the mountains it's very wild and in the valley is romantic and smooth. My language is both wild and romantic at the same time.

How do you say in Ukrainian: With you I would like to eat a biscuit?

Davái zaimé mosya z tobóyu kohánnuyam. That is my message to all the Break Out! readers.

You love talking right?

Yes, I am communicative person, many male friends think that I am flirting with them because of that, but that's not true.

No? Then what about the rumour that you had something with Sakis, de Greek competitor from the ESC?

False! I just like to talk with the people I just met.

We know many about your country now. But what do you know about the Netherlands?

Cheese! That's what I like. And when I think of the Netherlands I have say windmills and wooden shoes, that kind of stuff!



# Posted: 29 Oct 2007 01:24


haha cool interview and funny!! Thanks for sharing, really interesting!!

It means Alanis

how cool but in next turn, what means Alanis??

Amsterdam is almost the same as my birthcity in Western Ukraine

what??!! Sorry, I have not seen Amsterdam but I have seen L'viv!! And PHOTOS of Amsterdam and I cant see any visible comparisation with these cities so it would be VERY interesting to know in what way Ruslana compare these cities!!

And when I think of the Netherlands I have say windmills and wooden shoes

and also since spring thinking of "Utrecht" alias Tim, hahahaha!

# Posted: 29 Oct 2007 17:37

Do you like the Ukrainian language?
Yes, is very melodieus and easy for your throath.

It is very melodious indeed. Perhaps easy for my throath but not so easy for our western brains.

I don't mean that the women in Ukraine are easy. I just want to say that they are beautiful and very sexy.
True. I mean that they are not easy :-)
You mean a biscuit Tim ?

Cheese! That's what I like.
Thanks for the tip Ruslana. Next time I give you Belgian cheese.
Would she like Brussels cheese ? We name it 'smelling cheese'.
But we have enough other cheeses.

what means Alanis??
Not in my big encyclopedia either Lusse.

I cant see any visible comparisation with these cities
Neither can I.
and also since spring thinking of "Utrecht" alias Tim, hahahaha!
Yes that was a good joke.

# Posted: 29 Oct 2007 17:42


I looked at pictures from lviv. It is more art deco style and neo classicism. I work in amsterdam and live near amsterdam. but amsterdam has little neo classicistic style. more baroqueish.But I saw that lviv looks more european then moscow and kiev. I think she means that.


A question about frans bauer. can't stand him. I hate those singers from volendam even more.

# Posted: 29 Oct 2007 18:14 - Edited by: cora

Thanks for the interview. A very funny one.

But I saw that lviv looks more european then moscow and kiev. I think she means that.

I agree. I doubt that she has seen much of Amsterdam apart from the hotel, venue etc. L'viv looks like Linz or another Austrian city, but certainly not like Amsterdam with it's canals.

what means Alanis??
Alanis Morissette.

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