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# Posted: 29 Oct 2007 22:44

haha cool interview and funny!! Thanks for sharing, really interesting!!

Thanks for the interview. A very funny one.

You're very welcome. It's not a interview that you see daily. That probably because it was aimed for the Dutch youth, that's why it had some funny questions in it .

how cool but in next turn, what means Alanis??

I wouldn't have a single clue. Good question for the person who encounters Ruslana the first of us ;).

what??!! Sorry, I have not seen Amsterdam but I have seen L'viv!! And PHOTOS of Amsterdam and I cant see any visible comparisation with these cities so it would be VERY interesting to know in what way Ruslana compare these cities!!

I wouldn't know anything about it. I only know that Amsterdam is relativly old city.

and also since spring thinking of "Utrecht" alias Tim, hahahaha!

Whahahaha, the Utrecht joke! It's still funny

but not so easy for our western brains.


You mean a biscuit Tim ?

Yes yes, small typing mistake ;). Edited it

A question about frans bauer. can't stand him. I hate those singers from volendam even more.

Hahaha, yea, I can't stand him aswell! His music irritates even more as overflooded trains in the rushhour :P.

# Posted: 29 Oct 2007 23:35

Alanis Morissette

huh? SHe is a singer right? but still that doesnt make sense out of these words of Ruslana:

I have no connection with Russia. Ruslana is diversion of a anicient language. It means Alanis, that's a bit normal name right?

Ruslana means Alanis???

# Posted: 30 Oct 2007 00:57

Ruslana means Alanis???

She said that in the interview yes.

# Posted: 30 Oct 2007 01:19


sorry for repeating that but Im just still confused of what this "Alanis" means...but never mind!

# Posted: 30 Oct 2007 01:49

Ruslana means Alanis?

A 10 minute research with Google shows the contrary:

Alanis = female form of Alan, old celtic name of unknown origin, possibly related to the tribes of the Alans, who settled once at the Black Sea. Nowadays "Alan" means "rock"(?!)

Ruslan(a), coming from either "Ar(y)slan" (=lion) or from turkic Arys Ulany (means "child of..." russian? The Rus? The river Arys? no really convincing sources to find about this possible meaning, maybe this is a red herring)

# Posted: 30 Oct 2007 09:46

I have no connection with Russia. Ruslana is diversion of a anicient language. It means Alanis, that's a bit normal name right?

I understand it like this: The journalist makes fun out of Ruslana's unusual name and she replies "Alanis is a normal name?", meaning that there are lots of people/artists with unusual names. There is no need to make fun out of it and relate Alanis e.g. to Alabama or whatever, like the journalist relates Ruslana's name to Russia.

# Posted: 30 Oct 2007 16:00

I understand it like this:

Okay, that is making sense. Seems there was something lost in translation. ;)

As for names ... I close with the classic

# Posted: 30 Oct 2007 18:14

The journalist makes fun out of Ruslana's unusual name
Only unusual for us ? Perhaps it's like Goedele (pronounced Gudele in german writing). Only one famous Goedele here and in Holland but there are a lot of girls with that name.
I only mention Goedele because she met Ruslana when Esther and I were in Brussels. Ruslana and Goedele would cooperate in a project about trading people.

# Posted: 31 Oct 2007 11:13

I like very much this name , Ruslana. My first children if will be a girl will have this name

# Posted: 31 Oct 2007 15:38

My first children if will be a girl will have this name

I had the same idea a couple of years ago but had changed my mind about it. My husband was against it from the beginning. Meaning that this name is too much and so highly connected with the singer from Ukraine that the child somehow "loose its own identity". I had by time got to agree with him in this. The issue to name someone Ruslana came up on us for real when we got our female cat. I emediately thought of naming her Ruslana but during the time I met her and got to know her I felt wrong about it as the cat deserved her "own name" that only refered to HER.
After all Ruslana is our idol with wonderful music that we love out of that and out of her wild energy and charming personality. It would somehow feel weird to name a daugher after her even if it of course would be an honour for Ruslana herself. Now we have said that we would give an eventual child an ukrainian name, so it at least then have little connection to Ruslana

I wonder how many people named their daughers after Ruslana the nearest time after she had won Eurovision!

# Posted: 31 Oct 2007 15:44


I know about a couple from Malta. They named their daughter Ruslana.

# Posted: 21 Dec 2007 18:35

google againthere aperson shared his knowledge: he said that in an Ukrainian site he found ou that Ruslan means "attractive", and Ruslana means "lioness" and in old Bulgarian we have "aslan" for "lion", so ruslan-aslan...

# Posted: 22 Dec 2007 12:29

I like very much this name , Ruslana. My first children if will be a girl will have this name

That's charming. But I agree with Lussekatt that this name is too much occupied by a certain personality and a child (and also a cat) deserves its own identy and name. But what could be a compromise is to give your daughter "Ruslana" as a second name. So for example Anna Ruslana. "Anna" would be her reall name which you use to call her. The second name is not used, but still a tribute to our Ruslana.

Bulgarian we have "aslan" for "lion", so ruslan-aslan...

Yes. I also read somewhere, that the name Ruslan comes from "Aslan", meaning lion. And Ruslana is the female version of it.

# Posted: 24 Dec 2007 04:41

Only unusual for us ? Perhaps it's like Goedele (pronounced Gudele in german writing). Only one famous Goedele here and in Holland but there are a lot of girls with that name.
I only mention Goedele because she met Ruslana when Esther and I were in Brussels. Ruslana and Goedele would cooperate in a project about trading people.

It is stupid that the journalist made fun of her (ruslana's) name!! Every country has different names like in Ireland shiobhan or aoife (sorry david if I write them wrong) loads of people will think those names are strange while others, like me, will love those names. My personal favourite is Liodain. I don't know if that is an irish name I got it from the Morbegs, that is a childrens programme.
I thought Goedele wanted to visit her in Ukraine and see what she did and does. For the programme "Sterke Vrouwen" (strong women, not in strength with muscles).Oh well I don't really remember think you are right about the people/human part but it wasn't trading I think.

# Posted: 24 Dec 2007 17:03

Well, I think the journalist asked it because in Dutch Ruslana looks a lot more like Russia. Because Russia in Dutch is Rusland.
I've written Ruslana on some of my schoolthings, and when classmates or teachers see it, they all ask what I have with Russia, because they think I wrote Rusland, instead of Ruslana. It's still very stupid to ask that about her name, but because that interview was for (very) young people it isn't very strange. It was also one of my first thoughts. Ruslana and Rusland have just one letter different.

# Posted: 24 Dec 2007 17:49

24 Dec 2007 04:41
Huh ? My first idea was it was Lusse :-)
I thought Goedele wanted to visit her in Ukraine and see what she did and does.
But Ruslana didn't have time ?
but it wasn't trading I think.

Traffic then ?

Esther what mobile number are you using now ? The irish, the dutch or the belgian ?

Did you sing Ticha nitsj in Ireland ?
Was it recorded ?

Hello Marieke.
Little difference indeed. When I do a search for Ruslana on the site of "De morgen" they think I mistyped and meant Rusland.
Next time better write . Russia is Rossia (weet niet zeker hoe je dat in het cyrillisch schrijft).

Prettige kerst buurlandgenoten.

# Posted: 24 Dec 2007 19:30

...or whatever, like the journalist relates Ruslana's name to Russia.

# Posted: 24 Dec 2007 19:50


That website is crap.

# Posted: 25 Dec 2007 17:24

HERE is an interview with Ruslana for a Bg newspaper before her first coming in Bulgaria in 2004. I tried to do my best to translate it accurately:
journalist(j): After ESC you become a star, well known in whole Europe. How did this change you? Isn't it shocking?
Ruslana(R): I did change, and I find it great! The main thing-except that I appear on the front pages far more often-is that this change gives me the opportunity to share my music with more and more people around the world. I'm very proud of the fact that songs, based on the Ukrainian folklore, are popular and listened troughout Europe. If we speak about stress, together, we managed to overcome it - my dancers, designers, managers, all of us were suffering the stress, but we helped each other. In addition, everyone of us had the support of their family, which is very important as well.
J: What is ESC for you-how did you feel as a competitor and as a winner?
R: ESC is an incredible experience! I learnt so much, I met extremely interesting people. This was definitely one of the most exciting moments of my life! I had great fun, to participate in the contest was a real pleasure. And when I won....I felt grateful and full of appreciation for that they were giving the prize exactly to me.
J: the Carpathians are your inspiration- the charm, typical of the mountain, the folklore of its inhabitants....
R: the Carpathian Mountain loads people with desire for freedom and a feeling of thankfullness for all they are given. The Carpathians are mystical land, soaked with its tradition, rituals and ethic norms. Something, which is never going to die. The feeling, which I have now-that it is my duty to do my best for the magic of this world to be heard, felt and seen by everyone-is incredible!
J: what are your other sources of inspiration?
R: My husband. He helps me a lot, his support is extremely important for me. I wouldn't be able to realise what I am and what I'm doing, if I hadn't his appraisal and concern. We are as the two halves of one whole, which could not functiun if one of the parts was missing. In any event, he deffinitely inspires me.
J: You've mentioned that your husband is jealous of the sexy costumes you wear. Isn't he used to them yet? Is he jealous of your popularity?
R: Ooo, he's jealous, and how! But in spite of this I appriciate that he treats me and my engagements with a lot of patience. He clearly understands how difficult is to break through in the world of showbusiness and appreciates the efforts, which I make, as well as the sacrifices, be them his or mine. If we speak about the costumes-he is already used to them, yes! Now, each time, when I ask him whether he likes a particular costume, he answers positively, but I'm never sure if he tells the truth.
J: Who are your favourite singers?
R: Seal, Beyonce, Pink, Avril Lavin.
J: How did your country accept yor success?
R: People are proud because of our country! We are all happy for Ukraine being acknowledged and heard! We are young and enthysiastic- we want to change what people around the world have in mind about Ukraine, we want to create a great image of our country!
J: Yor costumes are made by resident people in the Carpathians, do you feel comfortable in them?
R: The costumes are great. Me and my dancers always wear ethnic costumes, this is our style. They express our individuallity! Their design is unique, it's made by the Ukrainian Roxolana Bohitska. She creates cool things for us.
J: You dance amazingly, where did you learn?
R: Our choreograpfer, Irina Mazur, is a very good friend of mine. We worked together in her ballete group for years. Wild Dances is not just a song-it's a bigger project. I couldn't imagine it without the dances at all. But I have never wished to become a professional dancer. I have always known that I will be a singer.
J: Which is more important for success- the appearance or the music itself?
R:Both, of course. Success is a unity between the two. the attractive appearance should emphasise what is specific about the music you make, it's uniqueness, charm, typical energy. The style of Wild Dances expresses my individuality the best! I feel it my own, I know that it belongs to me and I belong to it. I go through it every time! Wild Dances is my life! Something, which I started and now have to keep and enrich.
J: Since you become well-known, there are two "unknowns" about you-your marriage and your age. what's the truth?
R: Let the my age be my little secret. If you want to know about my husband, I'll tell you how we met. Sasha(Alexander) was playing in a local rockband. He had his own studio and the destiny assigned me to record my songs there. Several hours were enough to feel endless trust towards him. I immediately knew that he was a person to whom I coud tell anything. We became veru close but my mother was against this relation. She even took me to another city only to separate me from him. But she soon realised that it wasn't some temporary attraction, that I really couldn't live without him. We went back and from then we haven't separated. Never! Sasha is a talented musician, a businesman with a sense and a real man.
J: Will you tell something to the Bulgarian audience who are eager about yoer coming there?
R: O, there's going to be a wild show, that's for sure! You'll see new dances, you'll hear new songs, which are wilder than the previous. I'll show you how to rave as a Ukrainian!

# Posted: 23 Jun 2008 12:05 - Edited by: nikoleta_rangelova

published in , DELFI, 20th June, 2008, 16:13

=recently you recorded two duets with big stars TPain and Missy Elliot, what is the purpose of such a cooperation?

=we're following our goals, of course. To move our music to the West, for example. They stay over the ocean-big and self-sufficient and don't know anything about us.
Moreover, our duets are interesting because they compile such extremely popular Western style R&B and our purely Slavic exotic.

=how did you meet/get to know ( ?? help!) of the world music industry?

=Myssy Elliot, for example, I met for the first time in Sanct Peterburg at MTV ceremony.. I remember, we were going to meet her immediately after her performance. I was accompanied by the head of Hit Factory Studio , who had been known Missy for a long time. And she suddenly hid in her room(closed the door) and didn't want to let anybody in, (as if??? help!) there were many journalists, who wanted to (find her/meet her) very much.
And, of course the security guards, ask us where are we going and why. I explain that the person next to me is close friend of the family??? and they are in very close relation. They tell her who has come and she immediately goes out??/??. Tears for joy, and so and so on. We met, get to know each other??/hugged???kissed, after which I got such a big "spot"(imprint) from her make-up(lipstick)??? on my white coat/gown. She tried to wipe it and it got worse. And she, herself, went with smudged make-up.

=and what do you have in common with TPain?

=We met at Grammi in LA. And we had really nice conversation. I immdiately started (, ,???) him, see, I'll now tell you what Gutsulian rhythms we have. Then I tell him: "Why are we not having any drink for our meeting? It's not right." He suddenly raises and goes away. I don't hope anymore that he will come back, but here he comes, I see. Holding a bottle of Tequilla???Tekila??. I'm even afraid to say how much it cost. And it was so delicious. And then we had a drink with ,??(light meal??) and, he, of course understood everything about the Gutsulian rhythms.

===is this all as a result from your ESC victory?

=partly. We were really remembered. Firstly, it was the first break through from Eastern Europe to the West. Second, some were impressed by the aesthetics of music itself. In Germany, I remember, they wrote: However this is what Europe is like: wild and sexual or intelligent and impotent?????????(I'm not sure about that). In other words, they took us for sexy-characters. They extremely liked our ostumes and.....? And, really there was much drive at our concerts.

= ? ?????(help!)

=This is not the word. When we won, we didn't know we'd have to deal with this. I was awarded at Word Music Awards for most successful sales of CDs in UA-at that moment they were already 500 000. In Greece they called me the sexiest girl, we were on 1st palce in the charts for 11 weeks in Belgium, for 2 weeks in Germany, 3 in Spain. In Ukraine I entered the "100 most powerful/having influence" people in the country. I even carried the Olympic fire. So these were 4 crazy/mad years.

=with this schedule, it is probably stupid to ask about the housework

=I have a maid of course, but I almost don't let her in the kitchen!I like cooking. And, strange, but it is always delicious.. I like meals with no meat, but with sea Products (omg is there such a word in EN, I'm lazy to look it up). I'm mad about fish, especially FOREL-very delicious.! You must necessarily go to the Karpathians and try our Farel

=are there any pets in your home?

= I want a dog very much! I dream about it! When I went to Moscow with a car, because there werent any tickets, at the border I "found" such a dog! I started stroking it and understood-this is my dog. And I wanted so much to take it althoughg it was a grown(old) dog. But I couldn't do that. May be later I'll take myself a shepherd. Sashka, my husband ( . , .???? ). When I decide to have a baby, then will I get a dog probably

=and when exactly are you planning to realise this great plan?

=soon. I've been saying this for already several years, but so farnoothing has changed. My husband asks me :"so what? when?". Even he uggested that we go to some exotic place to realise this. I agreed.. But I added that the problem with the kids we'll solve only after the world release of the album. (after we release it in the whole world)

=and your husband is patient with all this?

=Not always. We already had one such story. I went to perform without my husband, because he doesn't like going with me on the irst performances. ( , , . ??????help) After some time I arrive and found a press conference on the TV where he is already telling that he's a producer of some two girls from Georgia. I made such a quarrel! All the dishes were broken. That was all --divorce.........?????????(am I taling nonsense???), and so on.
I'm so tempered. I say" I'm not jealous, but " !"???/??
then we were really affraid to not lose each other

=does you husband advise you often in professional terms?

=he goes through everything so painfully! (oh in BG it is exactly like in Rus-to make an elephant from the fly, meaning to complicate things much and unnecessarily). I remember, we went out for a walk in the woods once, start talking about some nonsense like where to put the bath in our new home. And the conversation gradually goes into work. Imagine: a couple in the middle of the woods start shouting: No, you're not right, no-you!" And there peopel were having a picnic(may be;)). what they , ??? when they saw us. We felt really ashame

=Ruslana bought a luxury home?

=we took it on/at omg credit like all normal peopele and now we're finishing it????. The house??? will be nice, true. Video/audio studio, big........for rehearsals and photosessions. and also my husband is building "my dream for me"-planetarium. I like watching the stars ver much. My father has told me about stars so much when I was a child.

=Probably, we can say that your "half"(husband) ???? you?

=yes, he does!He puts all money in me.There are two people, who had to make a career, but sacrificed it for me. They are my husband and my mother. They are musicians, singers. THey dreamed about a career. Mum had band with which I used to perform when I was 4. These people did everything and gave everything in order for my career to flourish. I'm obliged (till the end ofmy life????). That's why to speak of insignificant things-what present Sasha gave me-it doesn't matter anymore.

=where did you find such a husband?

=As an amazon, I'm always annoyed???when my husband doesn't pay enough attention to me. I met sashh for the first time an the recording studio and I tell him: "I have so good a voice, I sing, ocean of sounds.......I have to record a good song.
At this time Sasha was a sound director???. It seemed to me that I (surprised him????), but he coldly/calmly turned and went away. I go there to record for a second time, but somehow my ocean of sounds doesn't come out. Sasha was ??? He\ had his band, and then, I remember, he ??? me .???
He said: Not only that you don't have an ocean of sounds. You don't have anything." And he gave me this criticism right away. But who is he to tell me this!? And after I started communicating with him,I relised that he was a person with whom it was interesting to be..

=Is your husband jealous of your fans ?

=Oh, Sashka got tired of being jealous. However (at the beginning??) he used to react very painfully. Then somehow, he got used to it. But I have this manner of communicating: I start talking to the person as if I've been knowing them for 100 years, I satrt smiling, etc. And after that I have to explain that I'm just a communicative person. There were two times in my life when I was really worried about our relationship.
In Greece journalists created some love story between me and Sakis Rouvas. They showed on the TV how he was kissing me. He only kissed my cheak, but the angle was such-as if he kissed my lips. On the next day everywhere on the internet and the titles of the newspapers there were these photos.When I saw this, I immediately called my husband, starting with the phrase: It was a wrong angle! I'm warning you!
there was one more story when we went to president Saakashvili's home at midnight. Nice meeting at midnight, made a remark my husband. But it is important to know that in Southern countries, to reject an invitation -it is a n insult.
That's why I told him: Sasha, calm down???they will give me flowers and present, you better take it as something normal and enjoy.

=let's change the topic to one concerning the ordinary life: you are said to have been noticed in the tube.

=yes, because I don't like all this pomp(??) limouzinas(these big-long luxury cars), etc. So, just for the exotic, I went by the tube
Just, when me and sasha met, we often went in Moscow, had nice walks there. And I remember this and my heart........?? And I thought....// I have mt own style of life, I like all extremities.


sorry about any mistakes and gaps with ????? the original you can find here

# Posted: 23 Jun 2008 16:42

I start talking to the person as if I've been knowing them for 100 years
That's why I felt so old :-)
No, the first time she meets you, she behaves as if you were a good old friend she hadn't seen in years.
Thanks very very much Nikoleta. It was nice to read.

# Posted: 28 Jun 2008 16:59 - Edited by: nikoleta_rangelova

Thanks very very much Nikoleta. It was nice to read.

it was pleasure, thanks as well

especially for you: I found an interview for a BG magazine, where Ruslana shares that she sleeps about 7-8 hours

7-8 , .

Never mind

The interview was published on the 10th of March, and in it she says she had recorded the WE album already
Wild Energy.

Most of the things she says we know already-where and how she meets her husband, she's been in the BG city Nesebar on the Black sea, she doesn't have any spare time-rehearsals shooting of videos and new ideas all day long.

The journalist who took the interview was surprised by Ruslana's positive energy and joking all the time and how warm-hearted she was And the journalist was surprised that she wasn't as tall as she looks on the TV, haha
, .

# Posted: 28 Jun 2008 23:17

I have translated the interview from German TV channel NDR from March 2008. Some parts are not up to date anymore, but well...

"I never stop"
Since the Eurovision Song Contest Sieg 2004 in Istanbul Ruslana has been working continously on new projects. Where does she take the energy from? THat's what the 34 year old multi talent is talking about in an interview with How has your life changed since your Eurovision victory?

Ruslana: It was a really crazy time for my family and my team. Since then my parents are talking only to a photo of me. With my husband I talk on the mobile phone or by SMS. And I don't have time anymore for my friends or giving a party. They hear from me through the media. Meanwhile I have made a good deal with the record label Warner and I have just finished recording my new album "Wild Energy". I am working in one of the best music studios of the world with American producers and great people, who are working with me on the new show, new costumes, the choreography, new dances and a spectacular light show. Only a few days ago I have released the single "Not for Sale" which is against human trafficking. I am constantly travelling to big events and TV shows. I am very happy and I will of course never forget the victory. How do you fill up your energy?

Ruslana: I need only six hours sleep per day. I go on holidays very rarely. Recently my mother and I were in Israel at the seaside and I have spent some time with my father. My parents are very important for me. My favourite is to be together with my husband. Unfortunately I don't have much time for him. How has Ukraine changed after the Orange Revolution?

Ruslana: We are going through a difficult time now. But it is also an exciting period of time. We believe in the future. We want to become members of the EU and the NATO. I firmly believe that we will make it. If you read in the newspapers that we are always in a crisis it's not true! We are very happy about the Orange Revolution. Since then much has changed in our country. My big news to Europe is: Welcome to Ukraine! What can we expect from the new album "Amazonka"?

Ruslana: It's much about fantasy. The album has just been released in Ukraine. In spring it will also be released in Germany. We will have many promo dates and present first of all the single "Moon of Dreams" and the video for it. What will you perform at the German national final?

Ruslana: I will perform a mixture of old songs and songs from the new album. You can look forward to it. It's wonderful! (Ruslana says 'wonderful' in German) Have you listened to some of the songs of this year's Eurovision? You have been to several national finals.

Ruslana: I have heard the one from Ukraine of course and the one from Azerbaijan. I know the band from Azerbaijan well. The female singer is from Ukraine and she is a good friend of mine. But I havn't heard enough songs and I am looking forward to hearing the German song. What will Ruslana do in ten years?

Ruslana: (laughs) I will dance and make great, crazy, wild projects. I will be as crazy as today. I will never stop, because I am an amazon. And I want to have children.


# Posted: 29 Jun 2008 00:00


Thank you!!!

I have released the single "Not for Sale"
so how does it this to be understood with our notions of single? I also think that a single means CD

will be as crazy as today. I will never stop, because I am an amazon.
our Ruslana

# Posted: 29 Jun 2008 04:19 - Edited by: wespecz

Thank you for interviews!

I will dance and make great, crazy, wild projects. I will be as crazy as today. I will never stop, because I am an amazon. And I want to have children.
Greaaaaaaaaaaat!!! So again power and energy! , go with your heart forever and ever! You don't need to hear this, you're who knows this the best!

# Posted: 11 Jul 2008 00:51

There is online translation from Ruslana's interview. Original text is here:

Please note that online translator may do nonsenses.

RUSLANA: My wedding dress were... jeans and sweater
Galina GUZE
Ruslana (on a photo) sets forth for an allukrainian round.

The musical trip of Amazonki will begin from its home town Lvov in this Saturday, on July, 12. Spectacle show of singer with participation of ballet of "Life", DJ Small and musicians of fate will see also in Mariupol (on July, 17), Ivano-Francovsk (on July, 26), Odessa (on Augusts, 2), Simpferopol (on August, 9), Dnepropetrovsk (on August, 15) and Zaporozhia (on August, 17). "This show is absolutely original for the Ukrainian show-business - both after the idea and after a spectacle, - told Ruslan the correspondent of "VZ". - the leading European specialists and companies worked Above his creation. Due to a high-quality technical equipment the elements of nature which is ideological important for appearance of amazon are
reproduced in a show. With a tieyu purpose the interesting decisions of designers of suits were developed".

- Not too popular step to organize a round by a summer, when all a show-business falls in "hibernation".

- In spring my album went out "Amazonka". Reliz of his English version will take place soon - Wild of energy. My new lean "Echoes of dreams" and "Fire or ice" actively rotuyut'sya on the Ukrainian wireless stations and already had time to love listeners. Why not to give a present sainted the old and new supporters exactly now? The more so, that will come forward in towns in which by the enormous amount of tourists and holiday-makers is a summer concentrated. In autumn for me concerts are planned outside Ukraine.

- Preliminary you presented the program "Amazonka" in Europe...

- From the moment of premiere of show in Tank passed almost half-year. For this time I had time to give ten concerts in Europe and present the new program in Ukraine on the "Tavriyskikh games".

- This program has "bellicose" direction against musical pirates...

- On my renewed official site of a section was opened "Shop", where every persons interested can roll songs from an album "Amazonka" after a chart "Take free of charge or zaplati how many can". This simple and accessible chart of legal receipt of music vid a legal owner must form natural logic for the Ukrainian user: "Does search music in a network? At first call to the author!". Parallel I began an allukrainian antipiratic campaign in MASS-MEDIA and Internet.

- What losses do the Ukrainian performers carry through piratic CD- and -ﳿ of their disks?

- If to talk about compact disks, the popular Ukrainian performer through pirates loses not menshe 50 percents of income. In relation to the Internet, here all 100 percents of kontrafaktu.

- How with musical pirates does fight in Europe, USA?

- In the European countries internet providers carry complete legal and criminal responsibility for piratic initiations and participation. In France it is the so-called "Law of Sarkozi". Ukraine needs the renewed law. As experience shows, the prosecution of pirates expensive costs and stretches too long. Besides majority it is almost impossible to catch from them. From data of the International federation of production of phonograms (IFPI), the general world sales of records on all transmitters went down in middle on 20 percents. Principal reason of slump is exactly on-line musical piracy. Substituting in the network of free piratic music by an unroad licensed is the unique for today possibility to compensate the losses. Besides a sale of 3- over the Internet is the perspective form of marketing, which in the future can bring in enormous return.

- One of appearances, in what spectator will see you during a round, there will be appearance of fiancee. Some personal sentiment or simply bright designer decision it?

- At first this was the original find of producer-producer of show Irene Mazur. And when we "tested" fiancee in practice, it caused a stormy reaction. The questions of the personal character were strewed from every quarter: what was I by fiancee, when did marry for the man?.. In actual fact I did not have a wedding dress. In place of him are jeans and sweater. That is why in a show make up lost! (Laughs. G. G.).

- A mood of "Amazonki" is a lyric poetry. Is it finished with "wild" Ruslana?

- "Amazonka" - a lyric poetry not only. I would compare this album to the coloured palette. Every song changes depending on its mood: becomes or more bright, inflammatory, or more enigmatic. About "Amazonku" - many reviews. Reading reports, which come to me after a SMS-action which is placed on an album, get an enormous power charge. He hundredfold povetrae all is spent me and endured my by the soul and heart on creation of this music. It is the best result.

- on July, 15 must see your show and guests of "market Slov'yanskogo" in Vitebsku. This year Ukraine thereon song competition 23-years-old Lvov will present Vladislav Levitskiy. What you will advise him as a man which trolled Gran-pri of this festu?

- Forces and self-control, faith for itself. And in general to give advices is ungrateful business. Everybody has the potential. More efforts need someone, to someone - less. Everybody must feel, as needed to walk up to business, how to decide her. Quite
another is support. It is very important, that alongside there was someone, who understands you.

- In preparation of show "Amazonka" you avoided comments in relation to "-2008". That is why will take interest now: also does divide a popular idea, that Dima Bilan won in political, and Not Lorak in a song competition?

- Very much advice after Not Lorak. She was able to show the good level of preparation, made pushes maksimum. She simply was stronger than present winner. In relation to Dimi of Bilana, seems to me, for him victory on "Euroseeing" was something greater. Possibly, it will
change his life and creative way on better.

- Expert estimations in relation to "Euroseeing" on the whole - cardinally opposite: someone considers that a competition with every year becomes more professional and popular, and someone asserts that he "z'izhdzhae on dogs", they say, if Turkey-cocks are delegated already on him...

- Level of "Euroseeing", the same as the general level of world show-business, from one side, suffers vid the lack of originality and authenticity. Te, that it is offered to us, - through false and even cheap. Mean the not amount of investments in a certain musical project, but form of his serve, absence of aesthetics and the least hint on an art. From other side, on "Euroseeing" however much good artists appear with an interesting repertoire and professional approach to implementation of songs. A performer from Israel this year staggered us from Sashkom an and wonderful vocal, and good song, and main - by sincerity which filled with all arena in Belgradi. A competition Euroseeing guards togo, that the world was in a position to hear such songs and see such performers.

- Did boys from Azerbaijan, which you supported in Belgradi, get the deserved eighth place or guarded higher step?

- An eighth place is a wonderful result. Azerbaijan was a debutant this year and became the real opening of competition! This country of zakokhala me for itself, yet when I visited Tank first.

- How will your transatlantic career proceed? After is a duet from T-Pain some new projects?

- Barely only returned from Mayami, where worked above the record of three new songs. In interruptions between concerts within the framework of allukrainian round plan to visit Los Angeles and begin
negotiations in relation to the surveys of clip on one of them.

- Vid a political career you, alike, came to oneself already. From a togo period in your life are there political figures with which communicate gladly?

- Always advice to intercourse from Vitalikom Klichkom. We were and remain close friends. In relation to other representatives of political class of Ukraine, little about them know and interested in them little. Very well behave to Stepan Kurpilya. It is my close friend yet to the political career, wonderful man, untypical on a background the standard Ukrainian politicians.

- Summer it is time vacations. After a round does plan somewhere to rest?

- Give advantage rest in combination with work. This summer I already had time to conduct fotosesiyu - and pozasmagati in Turkey. To write down new songs - and poplavati in the Atlantic ocean in Mayami. Not able to rest traditionally. I need motion and permanent changes. If me even on two days to leave at the seaside out of employment, zakhvoriyu vid sum and to inactivity.

- How does improve itself a mood?

- Prepare a delicious supper - and call friends in guests.

# Posted: 30 Aug 2008 19:45

"I was told in the West that nation anxiety is not welcomed because it is impossible to predict what exactly is going to happen"

- You are in Baku for the second time. Has anything changed? What is your impression on the audience?
- I become sure again that Azerbaijan and Ukraine are mentally close to each other. Both Ukraine and Azerbaijan are example countries for their hospitality. I visited several European countries, but I have never felt such in any place, as I feel here. I feel like home here and I am comfortable. I love Azerbaijan sincerely.
- Are you planning to revisit Azerbaijan?
- Yes. I agreed to get to know this beautiful country closely. We will return and study your culture comprehensively. I concluded agreements with several musicians of Azerbaijan, and there are ideas on joint projects. The first such experiment was our joint agreement with "Natig" rhythm group of Azerbaijan. Technique and energy of this group is fascinating.
- As a winner of Eurovision, what can you recommend to Azerbaijan for participation in the contest?
- Eurovision contest is expanding and becoming more popular. The contest was of less popularity not long ago, but it is becoming popular again recently. It was regarded that this is the contest for young talents want to be popular and start profession. But now a lot of popular and prominent stars join the contest. I performed shows in many countries and witnessed that some culture can no more surprise people. Azerbaijan and Ukraine have big privileges from this aspect. Because, we have a lot of things perform at the show-business word. I want to particularly underline that we possess immense national color.
- Do you agree that Eurovision is a politicized contest?
- No. I can say unambiguously that Eurovision is not a politicized contest. The countries are supporting each other mentally. If Azerbaijan participates in the contest, you and Turkey will probably support each other.
- You are said to be a friend of Azerbaijani opposition. Will you meet them?
- Actually it is the first time that I have heard it. Maybe all these rumors come from my active presence in the Ukrainian revolution.
- How do you think why Azerbaijan did not face the revolution?
- I realize the meaning of the words that I had been told once in Great Britain as a person who went through all these and observed all happen in Ukraine. I was told that such nation anxiety is not welcomed because it is impossible to predict what exactly is going to happen. Often some people show up and try to build career and earn money. You have to get everything through evolution not revolution. I can say that a society can make move only if a new political leader comes-a leader who does not only talk.
- As a former member of Supreme Rada, how do you assess Azerbaijan-Ukraine intergovernmental relations?
- Our relations develop intensively. I assume that both sides are satisfied with the level of the relations.
- How was your meeting with Culture and Tourism Minister Abulfaz Garayev?- It was interesting enough.
- Who else did you met from Azerbaijani politicians?- I met with first lady Mehriban Aliyeva. It was nice to talk to her. But I am not sure if it could be called a political meeting, we mostly discussed cultural issues.
- Why did you quit politics?
- I assume that it is really hard to connect politics with culture. It is impossible to solve some cultural issues in politics, and conversely some political issues in culture. It is not right to make speculation and say "vote for me" singing on the stage. But I have not left the stage at all.
- How can you deal with all this work?
- I always work hard and almost never take a break. Sure I get exhausted but I like what I am doing and derive inspiration from what I am doing.
- Are you married?
- Yes, I am. My husband Sasha and I, I mean we are like Siamese twins and do everything together. We do not have a child yet, but we plan.
- Do you need any plastic surgery? Do you keep to a diet?- Thanks God I have not felt any need for plastic surgery so far. But I somehow keep to a diet.

# Posted: 30 Aug 2008 20:22


But they keep asking, and asking, and asking, AND ASKING about politics!

# Posted: 30 Aug 2008 20:23


Yes. But I liked last question

# Posted: 5 Nov 2008 12:09

TomUK found this interview in [url=]Manches ter Evening News, 3 November 2008:

Eurovision Exclusive - Ruslana Talks to the MEN Blog

EUROVISION Song Contest winner Ruslana has been speaking exclusively to Peter Devine at the M.E.N. blog about her long awaited album Wild Energy and her thoughts about coming to Britain in 2009.

Recorded at the legendary Hit Factory Criteria Studios in Miami and produced by Ego Works, "Wild Energy" maintains Ruslana's musical talent blended with modern urban influences. This release contains a first for Ruslana - the collaboration with the American Urban superstars T-Pain and Missy Elliott in two great songs with very dramatic and amazing results.

Peter Devine - What should the people of Britain know about Ruslana?

Ruslana - "I am candid and whole-hearted, I like to risk, sometimes risk everything. I am a maximalist - everything or nothing. I have too much excessive adrenaline and that's why it's usually difficult for me to fall asleep.

"I love my family and friends, I have a very fiery mum!!! I am unpredictable and restless, I am spontaneous, a typical Gemini - there is always an internal struggle of two personalities inside me, that is I am always struggling with myself.

"I break my own schedule a hundred times a day, I like overloading myself - I'm curious where's the limit of what I am capable of. Oh I'm capable!!!!!)"

P.D. - Have you ever been to the United Kingdom?

Ruslana - "We came with a tour in 2005 a total 18 concerts all over Britain. We performed at the national Eurovision pre-selection on the BBC. The best concert was in Oxford."

P.D. - When someone mentions Britain what you immediately think of?

Ruslana - "I immediately think of Hyde Park, my favourite place in London, and of Peter Gabriel's studio, where my famous album Wild Dances was recorded. I love Gabriel - he's a fabulous musician."

P.D.- Are you planning to bring your Wild Energy tour here sometime soon?

Ruslana - "YES!!!!!!! In 2009, we are planning a release and a promo tour with Warner."

P.D. - When the tour comes what can fans expect to see from Ruslana?

Ruslana - "It's something they haven't yet tasted - fantasy in music and in the show, costume changes and transformations (there are over 50 costumes), different vocal techniques, playing different instruments during the show, lots of interactive exchanges with the audience. In short, you'll be singing with me even if you don't know anything but Wild Dances - the rest you can watch on and"

P.D. - Why has there been such a long time delay between albums?

Ruslana - "The demand for Wild Dances has been strong and continuous. Besides, my year of work in the Ukrainian Parliament got in the way. Then it took us another year to sign a contract with Warner. But mainly a long search for new ideas - it was a matter of principle to me to create something even more ambitious than Wild Dances."

P.D. - What makes this album more special than all the others released?

Ruslana - "The music is based on a fantasy novel and was created specifically for show. It is a very original musical action, which involves dancing, fantasy, eroticism, mysticism. I perfected my own musical style with the help of my American producers, and together we created an even crazier album, which is, however, more understandable for the entire world. The ethnic elements are there and will always be in my music - it's my peculiarity, my characteristic feature, my positioning."

P.D. - As a singer who do you model yourself on?

Ruslana - "The brave shockers, Michael Jackson, Cher, Freddie Mercury. Among modern projects I consider Gorillaz and Ramstein to be very creative."

P.D. - How do you relax between working?

Ruslana - "I ROCK AROUND!!!!!! Cover kilometre upon kilometre on foot on the sand and sing there at the ocean. Jet skiiing, horses, cars - everything that moves VERY fast relaxes me. Speed, extreme stuff and of course wild lovemaking."

P.D. - What is your favourite food?

Ruslana - "Tea with milk and honey and a little bit of very good wine (maybe a couple of bottles "

P.D. - Do you have a pet animal?

Ruslana - "No, but I very much want to buy a wolf cub next year."

P.D. - Name one thing you admire about British music?

Ruslana - "Oh, there's many... The Beatles, Freddie Mercury, Pink Floyd, to begin with.."

KEEP CHECKING BACK TO THE M.E.N. BLOG when Ruslana names 10 things you didn't know about her!

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