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# Posted: 20 Jun 2010 21:55

Idriska Post, May-June

Ruslana:I am not able simply to rest I need constant process

# Posted: 28 Jul 2010 06:55


# Posted: 23 Feb 2012 21:02

Online translation of this article:

Ruslana: Euro necessary wave of allukrainian presentation

- 100 days to Euro - actually championship already on a nose. That, on your opinion, does it follow to do major?

- I think, that all infrastructural objects will be ready and will work so well, able as far as. All roads that yet it maybe to repair - will do. But it does not follow to forget about a festive mood. In fact to us all Europe will arrive on a festive carousal. Time to be united round the idea of ת-2012, to loosen folk emotions, that they climaxed during "soccer" June.

If we must stagger the European fans the hospitality, it follows to accumulate a positive and it is not simple to host, but also to become by part of large holiday. Unfortunately, it was not succeeded to join the known singers of Ukraine for creation of popular mass culture of experiencing with Ukrainian aesthetics. I, for example, plan it project, and also complete the prosecution of clip "Let, play" the song that was presented during opening of "Arena Lviv".

- The other day the new participant of "Eurovision" was presented from Ukraine - Haytana, that sings song-invitation on Euro-2012. How does think, it will work as advancement and as invitation?

- I support an idea Haytana and very advice for the choice of Ukrainians. Without regard to that in Euro and "Eurovision" a bit different target TV audiences, song correct and wise. This year Ukraine must, feeling free, use any chance for invitation of guests and popularization of idea of ת

- Now a few months prior to championship can estimate is Euro us for taught some reason?

- Think, to protect the interests. Remember, that as early as times of parliamentary , from me quite a bit people passed a request not to lose a tournament. Because times were really such, that we could, just deserving a chance from God, here to lose him.

Therefore a monument is today needed to put to those, who pushed through "Ukrainian" to Euro, followed the job through and did everything, that a holiday took place exactly on our earth.

We Ukrainians loosened long, expect sometimes, that us someone urged on to the action. General of country after preparation to Euro became better substantially. If to lay a hand on a heart, will say, that if another Olympiad us, it is desirable in Carpathians, - will live as in Europe.

- the Accepting cities pick up the Ukrainian popular stars for participating in concerts in the zones of fan and entertaining program during Euro. Where will Ruslana sing?

- I necessarily will sing in Lviv. But not in the zone of fan, but with the exclusive project sanctified to European championship. I understood that it is simple to sing the songs - not very interestingly. Necessary original idea, unifying, positive. Soon we will present the project at discretion of public. Hope, it will bring in the small contribution in the general positive of Ukraine.

# Posted: 5 Mar 2012 22:53

Online translator ? But thanks anyway. Better then nothing.

# Posted: 22 Apr 2012 11:43

Online translation of online conference with Ruslana on e-motions, 19 April 2012:

kk and kk: Hello Ruslana I engage in a vocal already year. What do you use for a vocal? Does my pseudonym like to you? Was the known man with that you had to meet? What impression from a web-site E - motion? Tell about the first love) Thank you) Without whatever modern blessing of civilization you will be able to live a day? How many hours do you need to sleep, to be in a form? What fee you for a 1 concert? Do you want to begin produce young talents? Do you know the city White Church? Will you be there? And please pass greetings through a chat I will be me ? I love you I wait new songs and clips. And if it is not difficult possible autograph?

Ruslana: Hello everyone!
For us very large event, for me a new album goes out "Euphoria", that I prepared in 3 years. We this in a road-show that is sanctified to the main event this year. First show in Kirovohrad, where the involved dancers of Maydance will be. Also will be in 11 cities of Ukraine. It is an emergency concert. It is not simple to the show of Ruslana. It is a mass game, new format. We will offer to you to feel all that takes place on a stadium at play. We will do with you to do sounds, rhythms. you will hammer in a musical goal. There will be 100 persons with me on the stage. We area on two conditional sector, and you will score goal. We will do intentions technically, who more loud hammered in the task. All show will last about 2 hours.
Come! We expect you!!

Yet I must study the vocals. I need yet, that to me someone , though sing all life. A vocal is an individual thing. Can advise the lessons of г. It vocal trainer in the world. For him enormous school is in Los Angeles. I studied for him. Find his lessons in the internet. Also there are different schools, can pick up that you need.

fanaticism, : Hello, , all your songs are very steep! Let play nothing worst ;) Love and sincerely that you are one of the best in the show of Ukraine. There are many years by your fanaticism, it is possible to say from little up Thank you after you are does not present life without you... What does touch a question I will set at once a few 1) Or we will see former romantic Ruslana? 2) Where does love to walk in spare from work (concerts, of surveys ) time? 3) Where can you rest and forget about everything? 4) That you yet want to do in life ? 5) Or does Ruslana of have a dream? Ruslana to say large thank you for your patriotism. And especially for our mother language. Thank you! Love

Ruslana: 1. There is an only ballad in new album. It is probably such that you expect. In the new album there will be many surprises. Visit the website, in a few days already you will be able to become acquainted with the album.
2. In a bed love to walk.
3. In a bed. It is my closest friend.
4. Many things. Want, that my increased.
5. want to go with husband on vacation.
Thank you for patriotism!

# Posted: 22 Apr 2012 11:45

: 1.How many time in a day do you spend on a gymnasium? 2. Ruslana why you already not trainer of project "Voice of country"? Is it your initiative or organizers? Thank you for answers. I wish creative successes. If it is possible hello of )).

Ruslana: 1. I am every day engage in the loading. It is gymnastics, first of all, that I worked out for itself. I collected yoga, pilates, different technicians. On the second city of sponge down ice and of the souls. Swimming is on a place. And racecourse. And farther as it will be driven. If there is time, it is an increase of loading.
2. An own project began for me. We ⳿ with this project on Ukraine. It is named "-". I am now simple not to Voice of country. But I am ill for all vocalists.

: You are my idol from little up, but unfortunately so far I did not succeed to go to a concert, therefore with impatience expect the new show! Definitely will come to dance And here are my questions: 1.Say, that now most difficult in preparation of this scale project? 2. This year does promise the return of the "Tavriskij games", you will be there or it is not known as yet? 3. How many times do you need in the morning somewhere to gather, dressed up? 4. Do you like to go to circus, theatre, cinema? 5. Where will go with greater pleasure to a modern megalopolis or to an exotic island? 6. What is your favourite color, fruit, smell? 7. Do you plan to visit some interesting places in Zaporizhzhya? 8. Already is there the name of new album? 9. When will the English-language version be released, also there will be a tour? 10. Will there be possibility to meet you before or after a concert? (hope very much). With all heart wish you successes, strong-strong health, musical rewards and gifts of fate! "Let win!"

Ruslana: 1. We do the special tracks that consist of my animation for this show, in that there are the stopped up motions, rhythms, sounds, what of us will together cry out. I in this show am a not singer, but animator. Exactly through this transformation to you it must be interestingly with me. Very much . Visit the website, there is all description of , that you could prepare. If you hear announcement, that in your place collect volunteers, written down. Choreographers of - Yevhen and conduct rehearsals already. Today is Dnipropetrovsk.
2. If will be, with pleasure I will come forward.
3. I am able to prepare after 3 .
4. Adore the cinema,
Exotic island.
Ultramarine. Apples. Love, when snow melts, this freshness attracts.
On Khortytsia will go. Love Zaporizhzhya terrible!!
Yes, he is named Euphoria.

# Posted: 22 Apr 2012 11:46

: Hello, Ruslana! Are you wonderful!!! To ask does not know , but however will ask when album? do I think that it will be after a tour, and approximately when? Even a month is what approximately... I already simply die here without your new songs... And yet small - do a large booklet with texts of songs, because the album "Wild Energy" in Ukraine divided with a modest booklet, and in Europe with valuable, I understand there was a crisis, but hope, that a booklet will be full this time, because thank God a crisis is not now, as such... And Clip is steep in general, Respect for it and steep choereography, I got all friends already, they like although... Wish to you beautifully to shoot back in a rook! Sure, it will be an explosion!!!!

Ruslana: Album goes out to the tour. 25 numbers in Kyiv large press-conference on that I will show an album. Album it is possible in a rook, and also in the internet electronic version, in different shops. Mainly, that it created a good mood that I prepared you 3 on all planet you. The album was written in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Stockholm, and on circuitous Kyiv in one studio.

: Hello Ruslanochka! With the best wishes to you does want to ask: what emotions your new album causes for you? Were there some or, vice versa, unexpectation the pleasant surprises related to the recording of the new disk? What most unexpected and pleasant gift did you get? Do you like to wander and what countries dream yet to visit? Is the personal meeting planned during the tour with you except a concert? What hall will your concert be in Dnipropetrovsk (as yet there are no billboards in city)? Are there lyric songs of in a new album "you", "I love" you? Creative successes to you, inspiration and health to you and your native!

Ruslana: For me reckless excitation, because feel that three years did not pass to no purpose. I did that about what I dreamed. It was not very simply. It is my most difficult project, because there is not reference, it is a continuous experiment. But I think that went out not worse than . In an album much exactly exotic things.

Vitaly: Ruslana, thank you to you enormous work)) You tirelessly charge us a positive and truly wild energy))) Tell when is the release of new album planned, and also English-language? Are a release and Promo visits planned in what countries? Do you plan concerts abroad? Thanks in advance))

Ruslana: Thank you for your warm words.
The new album will go out literally in a week. It is already ready!! Finally!

zoya: Hello, Ruslana! What do you think about to narcotics?

Ruslana: I , that not a single drug in my life did not try. It is for me, as . I perceive a drug as real poison for consciousness. I like to feel a drive, love to create it. Any stimulant dulls the sharpness of this feeling. If you have drive, have energy, drugs you do not need. If you feel that drive is not enough for you, exactly, that not drug will give it you. Search the real things in this life.

# Posted: 30 Nov 2012 21:04

There is an interesting English interview on a Turkish website.

How are you?

I'm doing just great I always am. I believe it's a state of mind, not simply a state of affairs.

We like your new music video and the new Ruslana., Who directed the video?

Thanks guys! Actually, I directed it myself. It was a lot of fun I have to say. You know, sometimes I have such a clear idea in mind about what I want to do that it's just easier for me to direct my own videos and work hand in hand with my dancers, the cameramen, the stylists and all others than try to explain my idea to a director.

Congrats! Your new album has been released, we listened to some songs and we liked! What do you think about the album?

This is the new Ruslana! And it's a completely new concept. For a while already I have been experimenting with the idea of a mass show where I and my team work with the audience in such a way that everyone gets up and participates in the show. It's a mass performance and everyone has a part. This has not been done before, and I believe this is the future of show business. Just like we all now take a more active part in social life through different online social networks and groups, we also want to be part of a concert. Not just go SEE a concert, but go DO a concert. I want my audience to do the concert with me and I show them how. We like the new Ruslana!

Who's idea was this to transform to an sexy character?(We like it very much) we are seeing a strong Ruslana here!

I have always been sexy and all my characters are all sexy, hahahahahaha!!! But yes, you are right this is a new strong, sexy Ruslana. I guess this is a natural evolution and progress. And I like it a lot this way as it is really who I am no artificial components.

If we come back to your new album, with whom did you work for this album?

Oh, I have worked with so many fantastic people that it would be difficult to name all of them. It's truly a collective even a mass work, hahahahaha. Well, first of all, as always my biggest inspiration and support during this project came from my husband Sasha. He's co-authored many tracks with me and so you will see his name Oleksandr Ksenofontov next to many songs on the new album. Then my great friend and outstanding musician Vlad Debriansky wrote the music for several tracks. Stefan Örn is another grand figure who wrote music for a few of the songs on the album. Besides that I was privileged to do a track with Maestro Goran Bregovic. The great photographers Oleksandr Morderer & Dmytro Peretrutov created the images that you see on the album. Finally, my close friends who work at Luxen Studio and Euromedia Company made this whole album idea come true. I am extremely thankful to all of them!

Eurovision, what does it mean for you?

As an artist, Eurovision is the best thing that has happened to me. I have to be honest with you I would do it again if the right opportunity came by. Eurovision helped me become who I am today, and I have great respect with this contest. I think in our time this is perhaps the best platform in Europe for discovering and promoting new talented artists. Never mind all the political stuff attributed to it Eurovision is still the best music contest of all times. We have to support it.

What is the biggest dream in the world of music?

I think the biggest dream is to touch the hearts of people in such a way that they recall and sing your songs both in moments of happiness and in moments of difficulty, when they are looking for a source of strength, a source of energy. Then you know that you have done something truly remarkable. For me this would be the biggest gratification and the biggest dream.

We know you like Turkey very much. Turkey, what does it mean for you?

Turkey is a magical country. Turkey is a synonym for victory in my mind. Remember I won Eurovision in Istanbul and I will never forget it. I am always very happy when I have a chance to travel to Turkey. Last time we had such a fabulous show in Ankara. And I was absolutely stunned when I arrived in the city and saw these dozens of huge billboards advertising my show. It was an extremely moving moment for me to see that people in Turkey love me so much. And I want them to know that I love them and their country equally strongly.

When did you realize that you were interested in music?

It's almost like asking when I began breathing. In fact, when I was 4 years old, I had already given signs of interest in music and singing. My mom noticed that and brought me to a music studio. This is how it all started. But in my mind, I have been interested in music and singing since I remember myself, practically since my first conscious years as a little kid.

Is there anything you want to tell your fans in Turkey?

Yes I love you and your country very much, and I feel so much loved and at home when I come to visit you. Remember be yourself, be free, be good to each other 'cause we are all brothers and sisters in this world, and we are together in it. Be alert to the great opportunities and gifts of life that come to each and every one of us at the right time. And stay tuned for more mass shows, music and videos from me. Yours, Ruslana.


Favorite city: Lviv, Ukraine
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite name: Oleksandr
Favorite drink: Kambucha
Favorite food: Uncooked wild salmon
Favorite songs: Many and a few by Turkish singers among them
Your favorite singer: Again, many and some come from your home country J
Your favorite Eurovision song: I have quite a few and again, Eurovision is such a dynamic thing that my list grows every year. But let me say this Jeljko Joksimovic and his song Lane Moje are among my all-time favourites.

Thank you very much for the interview. Wish you good luck in your life and music carrier! Thank you!

Good luck to you too guys!

# Posted: 1 Dec 2012 21:03

I think the biggest dream is to touch the hearts of people in such a way that they recall and sing your songs both in moments of happiness and in moments of difficulty, when they are looking for a source of strength, a source of energy. Then you know that you have done something truly remarkable. For me this would be the biggest gratification and the biggest dream.

Your dream is fulfilled my dear Ruslana.
Both in moments of happiness and in moments of difficulty.

# Posted: 22 Mar 2013 21:17 - Edited by: cora

Another English interview on a Turkish site:
13 March 2013

Fatih Özdemir Interviewer: Hi Ruslana! You've been a famous since you won The Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, our country. I have known after this contest too. You were awesome in that night. Did you like to Istanbul?

Ruslana: Absolutely! Istanbul became like a symbol of the victory for me

Can you tell us your feelings about our metropolitan city?

Wherever you wander its streets, the city has a special and indescribable feeling. This is probably why its character has influenced the work of so many artists and writers. I personally feel this emotion even more strongly when walking its shores. It has a very special light and feeling of quietness despite its 16 million people. Istanbul is one of those cities where you can feel history, splendor and greatness.

Could you tell us the Eurovision Song Contest process? How were you elected in your country? Which stages did you go though?

I was internally chosen by the NTU to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. Before the contest, I was a hot favorite for victory by the bookmakers. At the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, I have performed myselfcomposed song, "Wild Dances" and won the contest receiving 280 points.

"Wild Dances" was taken from her best-selling album of the same name, which was the first ever to go platinum in Ukraine. The song, sung partly in Ukrainian and partly in English, is described as a modern take on traditional Ukrainian ethnic music based on ancient rhythms and dances, mixing rock with ethnic dance music.

Your show with fire was so wild. And, it was elaborated. Can you tell us your endeavoring?

Together with a team of artists, designers, dancers and musicians, I have created my live show with mythical atmosphere where melodies, dynamic rhythms, colors and movement collide to create otherworldly. Something wild. Something Energetic. It's just a hard work ofmany people who madethis show together with me from the lights and microphones till the music hits and amazing dances.

In your Eurovision year, was there any who you thought would become the winner? What did you think about Athena, our singer? And, our winner Sertab Erener?

Goran Bregović was possible to take first place in my year. As for Athena band they are ska and punk and I like this music. Especially now when I am also a little bit punk with my new shaven hairstyle :)

Sertab Erener is amazing singer and beautiful women. I have performed with she during the Eurovision 2005 opening.
I believe the most different show was in Istanbul. It really was amazing.

Can you tell me your feelings about that night?

I was just happy! I said thank you all who I have believed in me and helped me and thank you to all those viewers from different countries, who have cast their votes for "Wild Dances". My victory at Eurovision is a victory of whole Ukraine. That is what I feeling. I exchanged phone calls with my friends and colleagues until early in the morning.

What happened when you came back your country, Ukraine? Did you get appreciate your humans?

A lot of people came to meet me at Boryspil Airport when I was returning from the Eurovision contest. They gave me flowers and congratulated me with victory. Of course, there are people who are envious, or whose inferiority complex makes them resentful. But luckily, I do not have time to pay any attention to petty intrigues.

Did you have been to Turkey after contest? Are you thinking of coming to Turkey for a concert or for other thing?

I'm visiting Turkey with the concerts every year and even every season! My last performance was took place in Ankara I guess last year. I got a lot of promotion of this concert! Every summer I have performed in resorts and also have a rest.

What's your favorite Eurovision song?

It is difficult to say. Maybe "Waterloo" by ABBA. My mama always said it's her favorite song.

Will you take part in Eurovision Song Contest again?

Probably no :)

You've won the contest. Many talented youngsters dream of it. Would you like to share your experience with them?

I'm trying to share my experience with young musicians. That is why I became a coach of famous talent show "Voice of". During the show I got accustomed with all my team and it was so hard when someone leaved. It was not so important for me who will be a winner but will work a stage after the show and who will be a real artist. And I helped all of them and invited to perform on my concerts.

The most puzzling thing I; you are a member of parliament on Ukraine. How does it feel both the singer and the politician?

All that I can say is that I'm not in policy any more. And I'm very happy because of that because it was a hardest period for me as a singer! I came into politics with rosecolored glasses and left there very disappointed. I realized that in our country, if you want to do something for your Motherland you should do it by yourself; not hoping that one day somebody will hear or help you.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans in Turkey?

I would like to say see you soon! Because I'm going to Turkey with a lot of concerts in June and July! Be ready for Ruslana's new mass scale show.

I believe, you read to Blogs on the Internet. You think, Is Fozdemir good? (In terms Of Desing and general view)

When I have travels I am reading music Blog and I like Fozdemir and wish you a many many many readers, fabulous news and creative view as you are!

I convey one's thanks you from in here. And, I wish someone luck to you. We love you Ruslana!

# Posted: 8 Nov 2013 22:58

This exclusive interview on eurovisionontop is really excellent!

# Posted: 9 Nov 2013 19:31

This exclusive interview on eurovisionontop is really excellent!
It is

This is why this year I went on an expedition to the Carpathians, collected a lot of ancient songs, texts, descriptions of old rituals and ceremonies. All this material will become the foundation of me new album.

Back to the roots : I like it
musical fast food : indeed
Ruslanas (Ukrainian ) songs are not , more (for me) brain stimulators.

I shaved my temples and turned a bit punk
I was a punk too - 35 years ago :-)

and will be visiting Belgium regularly
djakuju Ruslana

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