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We wild
# Posted: 18 Apr 2011 17:20

 ому ц≥каво, можете подивитись м≥й запис конференц≥њ на 5 хв=)
«верн≥ть увагу €к –услана см≥Їтьс€

Ruslana Official
# Posted: 19 Apr 2011 14:37

ќнлайн-конференц≥€ з –усланою на сайт≥ kp.ua (1)

ќнлайн-конференц≥€ з –усланою на сайт≥ kp.ua (2)

# Posted: 19 Apr 2011 15:51

жжесть, мой вопрос так задали((

# Posted: 19 Apr 2011 17:32 - Edited by: cora

Translation of today's online conference translated by translate.meta.ua and partly by Createwm :

Andrii: - Ruslana, you released a new cool song "Wow". This is a really cool song. But for that to evaluate all the things you have worked, that would objectively assess the need to still see and hear, and I want to ask, what's next, what to expect and when?

- Most important to save healthy nerves. Even, if me the whole world will drive in now, I will not produce a product until it will not be ready. I will not brag, but revolutionary enough decisions wait all! I very much hope that they will pay attention all audience to my work. And will increase it in several times. The next single will be heard soon. The song is a hit. It has all chances to blow up discos. We prepare remixes already.

Tatjana: - Good Afternoon Ruslana! Say, why never are you in our Chernihiv with a concert, even during the all Ukrainian tour? You all very wait here! Do you gather in the near time to come forward for us?

- Now we published new single "Wow", that was started in rotation on radio. On Wednesday for us presentation of clip. This year we plan to show many new songs. Guest performances are a problem of promoters. Quality organizers come forward not always.

Maryna: Hello, Ruslana! I am from the Kyiv club (yesterday seen on the surveys of show, пам" can €теЇш) of fan. For me such question: Will you have time for meeting with us in the future? It would be very desirable though a bit to associate.

- When for a performer it is not активностей, related to new single, album, such meeting become not quite appropriate. I hope, my admirers react on pauses in my work adequately. Many world stars take a pause before large projects, and I for it them I respect. Now, as soon as will appear little time for me, we will be with you much to communicate. I for admirers always was near and open.

Vadim: Hello, Ruslana! Say, please, will there be duets in your new album with the stars of world level, how it was in Wild Energy? What versions of album are set? English and Ukrainian?

- English and Ukrainian version of album.

There are tracks which are initially done in English, and there are tracks which are created in the beginning in Ukrainian. There will not be such, that at first we will do the English version, and then Ukrainian.

In respect of duets - it is difficult to say, but ideas are. Duets must be organic. I want to sing with known American rappers, strong vocalists. It touches the USA not only. In Europe, Russia, Korea too there are strong musicians.

Mala: - Ruslana, why was it to contact with America? You glorified Ukraine so perfectly, there were original and unique. Why these changes? How " оломийка", "«наю €"? Ruslana, turn the character! Do not meet with crowd.

- We do not meet with crowd. I do not agree categorically. If someone will find even one such song after "Wild dances", I will give to this man 1 millions of dollars. There is the Ukrainian heart in this music. There is far more Ukrainian семплов in a future album. It is not necessary much mind, to " оломийке" to put a guitar or drums.

Marichka: - Ruslana, what do you think about is not a very positive critique of the fan club of your new image and single?

- I have not heard the criticism. I think people have every right to cling to stereotypes. Not everyone can perceive changes in the works.

Fan-club: - Ruslana, your page "In Contact", about that it is written on an official site, appeared recently. What was it her for to create, if you do not even react on a dispute long in 80 comments? Don't you sit in the internet?

- When I can I react on main events. All comments left by me or my staff, I control personally. All that is written there, from my consent... Let fans will forgive, that we do not have time to react on everything. We are now busy, we create a new project. As soon as possibility will appear, with all I will associate.

Ruslana, when will be a tour in Ukraine? When will your new album come into the world?

- Yet there is not a clear date. When we will do a maximally successful song will see that two or three singles became popular, we will talk about the release of an album.

Ann: - Did you make friends already with star trainers from Russia Ц Stas and Diana? What did they make impression on you?

Are fantastic people - open, honest, sincere. Due to it to the project I even partly changed attitude toward the Russian colleagues. Me it seems to, commercial music priest in Russia much, even more than it is needed. But becoming acquainted with "rock" Diana јрбениной, I can say frankly, that I her now name the Russian sister.

With Stas we began to communicate yet before. Arm-chairs are alongside for us, therefore we interchanged different music. Stas - at first musician, and then star, that makes me happy. Too touches Diana.

- Is a competition felt between you? Spend time together out of movie set? What interesting places did show to the Russian guests?

- No. I think that organizers want, that a competition was strung between you and me. On a chamber we played off some such episodes. But, actually, for us amities. We четвером were ill for all participants.

One time we gathered in гримерке concerning the birthday of my husband. Saw a bit wine, because now post, and we did not want to violate him. And yesterday, after the surveys of project, little автопати for us organized a channel "1+1". We communicated long to 4 in the morning. Agreed, that I would show to Stas and Diana Carpathians, Lviv. They agreed that will go everywhere, where I them will drive (laughs).

Lyda: Ruslana, is it true, that did your friends come on casting, and you them did not know? Not in offense you for it?

- It were strong, one of the most good lungs of Ukraine. I know them million years. I did not know —ашу Ѕелину and Alain –омановскую, because they came forward not in the genre. I hope, they me take in good, because on my place could act so же. Sitting a back to the stage, choosing is very difficult, difficult on voice to make the impression about a man.

Polina: - Hi Ruslana, how will you respond to criticism of its new image, it seems many of your fans do not really like the new style. Personally, I believe that the changes are positive and successful. New song just "Wooow"!

- For me, this is a very good sign. If so strongly criticized the new image, then it is a bright and successful. I remember the same thing happened when I changed during the "Wild Dances". And the criticism was from the fans. They are difficult to realize that the romantic Ruslana became wild. And now they are again heavily. But eventually they get used.

Katja: - Ruslanka, hello! Congratulations on the presentation of a new project and song "Wow!" I want to know when you plan to start the show-program on the cities of Ukraine? What inspired you to create the new image? Such as in the song "Wow"?

It was a spontaneous decision. The idea was born to us with stylists chance, already on the set. The first time I went to the shooting of the video and did not know how it will be in terms of the new image. We would like to bet on the choreography, but when there's a new style of it all was forgotten. I'm glad that she decided to do so. For any artist it is important to shock myself and people.

We can not show the new show before the album because it is technically difficult. It takes time to to prepare for it. We do not have such opportunities in America, Europe, China and even Russia.

I think that is enough to show in my life, to stop advertising to entice viewers chips. I think people understand what I am capable. Just what I will warm attention to itself - in complete silence about the new show (laughs)

Anatoliy √орбатов : Ruslana, do you plan to arrive with a concert to Russia? We very wait you and hope on the quick meeting. To you admirer from Arkchangelsk.

- Very much organizers invited us in a tour to Russia. The last invitation was quite recently. I want to go to Russia, when I will be ready, and it will be soon (laughs). After the release of new project.

Stas: - Does Ruslana read, how much, how often and what concretely?

- All anymore I read about yoga, about the technique of breathing, vocal technique. Yet history of dance, history of opera, I re-read all literature related to history of classic and modern music. It needs to me for a new project. I will not name all other books, because it will be clear at once, what the new show will be.

Yarik, Odesa: - Good afternoon! In Ukraine you will meet very rarely. Your husband all it is said that a bowl you in America. New musical product by sight and even in press-releases built on the American manner. You write down songs not in Ukraine, here on concerts appear at most 5 times per year. Except parents, house, husband and Lviv, what does keep you in Ukraine yet?

- I remember Yarik very well, give regard to him (laughs). If you think that large musical ideas are created on the flap of magic stick, then it is an error. That a new musical idea was born, sometimes it is not enough to travel earth three times. I begin a collaboration with the European producers and accent on the American subjects I do not do in general! There is an exceptionally gipsy way of life in basis of new single, that was confirmed by √оран Ѕрегович, that now does ремейк on the song "Wow". What keeps me in Ukraine is Ukraine, and all that to it is related. And will keep always!

Katja: - Hello, Ruslana! Did your husband once give a rabbit to you, how did you him name?

- I already had 2 rabbit (laughs). The last there was white albino, but he went to a village, boring them for me at home. He chewed up everything, everywhere wrote and went to a village. I can not hold them in the limited space, in cages, therefore I allow to hurry on a house (laughs). But me it seems to that

Ruslana Official
# Posted: 27 Apr 2011 09:22

–услана розпов≥сть про новий образ бунтарки

” п'€тницю, 29 кв≥тн€, о 17:00 –услана стане гостею онлайн-конференц≥њ на e-motion.tochka.net ≥ в≥дпов≥сть на ваш≥ питанн€.

–услана расскажет о новом образе бунтарки

¬ п€тницу, 29 апрел€, в 17:00 –услана станет гостьей онлайн-конференции на e-motion.tochka.net и ответит на ваши вопросы.

# Posted: 27 Apr 2011 22:51

Thanks Cora and translators. If I remember something it's that she knows her fans.

Ruslana Official
# Posted: 29 Apr 2011 09:56

 онференц≥€ на e-motion.tochka.net в≥дбудетьс€ 10 травн€.
ѕриносимо своњ вибаченн€!

 онференци€ на e-motion.tochka.net состоитс€ 10 ма€.
ѕриносим свои извинени€!

# Posted: 22 May 2011 06:42 - Edited by: cora

Are there anywhere written notes of this online conference?

# Posted: 22 May 2011 07:38



# Posted: 22 May 2011 09:32


Ruslana Official
# Posted: 16 Jun 2011 11:25

” понед≥лок, 20 червн€, з 16.00 до 16.40 в≥дбудетьс€ пр€ма л≥н≥€ з журналом "“еле7". ƒив≥тьс€ онлайн-трансл€ц≥ю на портал≥ TV.UA, а також дзвон≥ть у зазначений час за тел. (044) 207-33-00
«алишити питанн€ вже зараз можна тут >>

¬ понедельник, 20 июн€, с 16.00 до 16.40 состоитс€ пр€ма€ лини€ с журналом "“еле7". —мотрите онлайн-трансл€цию на портале TV.UA, а также звоните в указанное врем€ по тел. (044) 207-33-00
ќставить вопросы уже сейчас можно здесь >>

# Posted: 16 Jun 2011 16:17

÷≥каво, задав би ≥ € своЇ питанн€

# Posted: 18 Oct 2011 13:14

¬ четверг, 20 окт€бр€, в 15:30 на  орреспондент.net состоитс€ чат с украинской певицей, народной артисткой ”краины, победительницей ≈вровидени€-2004 –усланой


# Posted: 23 Oct 2011 15:01

Here you can read the questions and answers from the chat at korrespondent.net.

The most interesting part as online translation:

- What does new character of Ruslana differ in from previous?

- My new character does not matter, actually. The question is not about new character, song or even clip. That for me on a neck or shoulder tatooed roses are drawn, simply mad, for me long skirt in the clip in that me nobody never saw before etc. - all it does not matter. All of it is elements of fashion and not it is main reason of my appearance.

- Why did Ruslana serve as stage-director of the new clip?

- Because nobody better than me could realize my idea. There are very talented stage-directors, but they were not able to offer that needs me. I, in general, in this new project did everything.

- When will the new album be released?

- I plan it in spring. Drew constantly, because could not to the end realize that idea that I bethought to. Now with the release of the song Shalala, release of the new clip, reading an interview, people will understand why I appeared again.

- Ruslana, how many songs will be in the new album?

- Ten. It is a gold number for an album and gold number for a new show. 10 songs is an ideal time-study, to lead public, подрайвовать. This program is worked out for large open air.

- Hello, Ruslana! I like the new song very much! Simply super! I want at concert. When in Kyiv will it be?

- Much all it will be now in Kyiv, watch after our website, there is all detailed information. If who will want to unite, associate with our fan club and we will be able to distinguish a separate sector. By the way, remember, on October, 25 there will be a concert in the October palace.

# Posted: 23 Oct 2011 15:10


Very interesting. Thank you.

# Posted: 23 Oct 2011 18:29

„ат з –усланою на  орреспондент.net, 20.10.11 [VIDEO]

=1= =2= =3= =4=

# Posted: 20 Apr 2012 17:19


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