concerned is this further investigation.

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# Posted: 6 Oct 2013 22:00

The friends also post behind stressed that "strongly condemns the few at the back of the taxi driver that you saw was not hit up the brother to stop, there are two cars to help batterers escape!" Poster also
is to rely on her husband for their families, and this time do not know what to wait until injury time to be good. "she said, she felt most angry is that the incident occurred at the edge of the crowd with two taxis, even after kick people
"Those people hit me,chaussures louboutin, there was two taxis parked in front of my car,ray ban pas cher, the driver looked at me and was playing did nothing, it makes very angry. Police to the scene, I reported them a taxi license plate
So Gu master casually asked not to people outside the car.
But the official said, "will certainly further investigation." Yesterday afternoon,hollister sale, the reporter learned that Juqianjie police phoned the family brother was beaten, and then the afternoon to go to the police station requires taking note.
Changzhou Yunguanchu Taxi Management Division, a responsible person, after receiving calls from reporters, said that it would conduct an investigation.
Afterwards other passengers from the other brother after roughly say that the thing is this: some of the guests staggered out of the city from the song, and then went to the taxi before, including two on the Soviet D7 *** 3 car
at home, the country is estimated to go over the Dragon Boat Festival. "He said the company would certainly investigate the matter seriously," if true, will certainly dealt with severely. "In this regard, the Express will also continue to focus on.
Changzhou a hospital.
official told reporters, because yesterday to rest, now unable to contact the police to the scene of the police, and therefore can not introduce the relevant circumstances.
The friends said that about half past three in the Jinling Road, a song in front of other passengers Soviet city D7 *** 3 the brother suffered six or seven black hand.
One shouted Kill the other party in the motions on others!
The official also said that if that is true, and that two out of the taxi driver's killer fled the scene is completely wrong, "contrary to the principle of the minimum life,lunettes ray ban, Master Gu was beaten like experiencing that case, it should first alarm
, less than thirty seconds I saw the back of the car to open the back door of the man suddenly rushed to the cab side, waving his fist punch and punch toward the cab, and then ran in front of other guests also, opened the cab
Was beaten brother: two drivers did not see me beaten reaction Subsequently, the reporter arrived at the care home chef, saw Gu master bed, side of the face red and swollen, his eyes beneath a bruising.
beat passengers, who sustained multiple injuries.
Wu, officials said, after receiving Yunguanchu telephone investigating treatment, but because the driver of the car on duty two phones are shut down, "and later sent to a special trip to his home and found that he did not
In the lower right chest Gu master can see a red hole in the leg at the knee also broken.
Ms Chan said that although the teacher was beaten Manlianshixue Gu, but remember where a taxi license plate numbers.
"Gu said the master, six or seven people rushed to kicked, knocked him down after each stop hands.
Doctors require hospitalization after emergency treatment observation, "but because from the hospital near my home, and also because of the economic conditions of the reasons we brought him home recuperate." Master Gu was hit on, Ms. Chen is very angry,mulberrry, "we
Hate Cross "friends with" Tears of Blood - Who will protect the personal safety of vulnerable groups "in the title post says, just four hours ago, a brother was into the hospital.
Gu said the master, and the other time of the incident did not have any quarrel, "I would say a man lying on the car, not open, not to ask a few other people on the bus, if not finished,hollister, they will fight to.
. speak you to help others, and vice versa also helped the murderer escape, Taibuyinggai! "Subsequently,barbour outlet, the reporter with that taxi companies charge a Wu get links.
Gu master drive.
They take a taxi back to escape!
Let Gu master baffled that the back of the car two men suddenly kicked his chair, and then rushed out to beat him.
Master Gu said he can not figure out the most is not to be hit, but even the edge of the crowd of two taxi carrying murderer fled the scene, "the murderer forefoot car left, police went to the scene behind." Currently, Changzhou
made a brother who was beaten photos, photo shows the brother who lay flat, closed his eyes,louboutin, Manlianshixue.
Let sixty-seven murderer on the train, and bring them to flee the scene.
Soon, the official told reporters, according to his preliminary understanding, has been found in accordance with the license plate number of the taxi where a taxi company and request that the company be investigated, and the results reported to the Yunguanchu as soon as possible.
"Six or seven people dragged him out, and then punched and kicked." Ms Chan said, because of a sudden, not enough time to master Gu emergency alarm in the car was turned people onto the car.
Chan confirmed that the master was beaten after care.
According to her,doudoune moncler pas cher, Master Gu incident saw six or seven people out of the city from the song, along with several woman, walking in front of the two men quickly sat on the back seat of the car and closed the door, and called
Drag the driver door is playing.
Gu master found this time, people outside the car door handle was also pulled, there are several people lying on the side of the car, if the car started, then, there will be someone to take down.
So less than a minute,hollister sale, the brother lying on the ground motionless!
Subsequently, the reporter on the phone with the master's wife Ms. Chen Gu contact.
? Express reporter intern Wang Kun Liu Guoqing text / photo brother Gu master recalled beating scene was pretty scary net posts:'s Geling morning inexplicably been gang fights around 8 o'clock yesterday morning, a local site in Changzhou,hollister france, a forum called "Love
concerned is this further investigation.
Brother family: two murderers fled taxi out yesterday morning,hollister outlet, reporters in Changzhou, a hospital observation room through the relevant records to find a brother who was beaten medical records, but the staff told reporters that the surname Gu brother have been discharged home
number, and refers to the direction of escape, the song of a city staff also said that the situation, but do not know why then did not intercept "transport authorities: fully investigate the attack incident at noon yesterday, the Bureau of Front Street police station, a
'clock or so, before the city of Changzhou city a song, the brother Gu master suddenly several to travel
Chan took care of the incident was wearing a chef T And jeans, clothes and trousers stained with blood, also left significant footprints.
She later received a phone call arrived on the scene, Master Gu has been in the police station, "covered in blood, lying motionless in that, I was scared to death." Ms Chan said, then she will be with the others to the police station opposite the master Gu
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