Ukrainian Canadian to represent Ukraine next time!

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Ruslana Forum / Eurovision / Ukrainian Canadian to represent Ukraine next time!
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# Posted: 25 May 2005 02:15 - Edited by: FromMyHart

See, as successful the expatriots are on ESC? Greece, Malta, so on. Ukrainians have huge singing diaspora! In Canada and USA especially. What about Chantal Kreviazuk?! Or Theresa Sokyrka? as next presenter of Ukraine in Greece? Can you imagine that? Chantal!!! We will win, garantee! And, don't worry, they are not less Ukrainian then todays winner is Greek.

νΰρςσονθι πΰη β³δ ΣκπΰΏνθ - κΰνΰδ³ικΰ!

Guys, I'm serious. I'm from Canada, I can help. If you wish, contact me and lets back to Ukraine the ESC!

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