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# Posted: 20 May 2004 14:51

Congratulations with the victory!

Ruslana and dance-group "Zhyttja" ("Life") are great!
The song and show (choreography, costumes) are excellent.
The whole Ruslana-team has done very professional work!

...And do not pay attention to bad loosers, those who are not able to enjoy good stuff. Because those who do understand what is novel, strong and original, will learn, and will try to make better next time.
To my opinion, everybody who was on the stage in Istambul was the winner, with own audience - music is different and peopel are different. Though, people want changes...

To those who defend "good old Western Europe"-style: instead of complaining and throwing dirt on others, try to look into your roots. Western Europe has uncovered resourses, but it has to be "native" singers who will show it to others. Look to Ruslana!

Or if you still have difficulties to accept that Ukraine is a strong European nations, think why MTV is taking over "old Western Europe".

To the Ruslana-team: Mr. Bert Karlsson (Sweden) hesitated to collaborate with you, as, to my opinion, he may be afraid that if you will have a show in Sweden, it may expose problems in Swedish Show-biz. By the way, Mr. Karlsson agrees that you have good and strong stuff ...And many people in Sweden like you!
Try to get other business-partenrs, and welcome to Sweden!

Once more, thank you very much for all you have done!
Looking forward to the next contest in Kyiv!

With warm greetings to Ruslana, her team, and to all who want to make Europe/Globe a bit nicer place to live on!


(Ukrainians in Sweden)

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