Musical influences of Ruslana?

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Ruslana Forum / Eurovision / Musical influences of Ruslana?
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diplos pelekys
# Posted: 24 Jun 2005 02:28

What are the main musical influences of Ruslana?
As far as I know she has been influenced by:

- Balkan music
- Indian music (from the asian country India, not the Indians of America)
- African music
- Deep Purple & Led Zeppelin

Is it right the above?

What other influences of her do U know?

# Posted: 24 Jun 2005 22:14

diplos pelekys
I don´t hear about any other influences but the music from the Carpathian mountain. I remember, I read before, that she mentioned Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and also Abba as favourite groups, but I don´t know, if she was influenced by them.

diplos pelekys
# Posted: 25 Jun 2005 00:32

I had read all the above somewhere, but I cannot find exactly where. I had just read them; I don't know if she is influenced or simply likes this kind of music. Balkan & Carpathian mountain must be surely influences and not just likings. And for Led Zeppelin she had told once in a Greek magazine that she had been influenced by their song "Cashmere"; this song, she said, was the basis for WD. About ABBA I knew nothing; thanx for that info; I also like ABBA like her :-) LOL

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