Does the reproduced album includes...??

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Ruslana Forum / Eurovision / Does the reproduced album includes...??
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Rob Polman
# Posted: 31 May 2004 19:44 - Edited by: Rob Polman


Does the reproduced album includes
- Wild dances
- Wild dances instrumental

Please let me now!


# Posted: 31 May 2004 23:29

I've just received the rereleased "Dyki tantsi" and it features some fantastic remixes of some of her other songs.
"Wild dances - instrumental" is on the album, but it does NOT have the vocal version. This should be due out soon in most countries as a single anyway, and is on the Eurovision compilation.
The original release of "Dyki tantsi" also featured a video of "Znayu ya", but that has been dropped from the rerelease to make room for the remixes.
Also, one of the songs on the original, "Hutsulka", seems to be missing from the rerelease.

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