Sopot festival (6)

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# Gesendet: 31 Aug 2008 18:42

that`s a pity.

# Gesendet: 15 Jan 2009 11:39

i know it is a little bit old but i was reading now this topic and i saw that the real words of the jutry where not posted here. So here we come ...

Magda Mołek: so this where everybody... but only one artis will win [...] Piotr Metz...
Piotr Metz: First of all i am scared that i will not sleep today. Becouse i am affraid i will dream about Ruslanas Dancers.
Magda Mołek: Ok but whait, do you like it or not?
Piotr Metz: I will not tell. (Smiles)


Magda Mołek: Ok, Małgosia tell us did you find any legs beautifull this time?
Małgosia: This is the first time that i'm in a jury... so i thought about it many times. What is the most importand thing. I thought maybe the show, becouse you must entertain the public, and in this thing Ruslana wins absolutly with her kazachock, that made a rerally big impression on me....
Magda Mołek: But you won't be affraid to sllep or?
Małgosia: No, no, no i just need a nice pillow.


Magda Mołek: Robert Kozyra, tell us who impresed you the most tonight.
Robert Kozyra: I was very immprest by Ruslanas show. (irronic) That was 100% Trash. I think it was directed by Janusz Jozefowicz (a very well known polish director - he made METRO the musical)


Magda Mołek: Andrzej tell us fast who must win?
Andrzej krzywy: I think that everything was allready said... Pectus is the best band of this evening... Oh Laura was great, i don't really like dancing, the dancing bears... that.. that... i don't really liked it.. myabe not we should be in jury.
Magda Mołek: So you and Piotr for sure will not sleep today.

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