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# : 3  2008 19:51

Today I got a message on YouTube from a fan who address Ruslana directly. I thought about sharing the message here. Maybe the fanclubsite can have a section "messages to Ruslana"

I hope that Ruslana will see this message of a fan of hers:


Hi. YOU ARE THE BEST! sorry a bit excited hehe. I personaly have no videos on here but i watch many and your videos are the ones that show up the moust in my favourites hehe what should i say i am a BIG fan. Anyways you are the best singer. I mouslty honor you because you moustly sing in ukrainian not russian. thats what i dont understand about moust singers in ukraine( ITS UKRAINE FOR GOD SAKES NOT RUSSIA!) hehe hope you vrite back. you are the best! hope you give a concert in canada!



# : 5  2008 13:54

we watch you in belgrade and you are fantastic!!! when you come again? tanja i nebojsa

julia wild

# : 7  2008 13:00 - : julia wild

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# : 7  2008 13:52

Hi Ruslana, pleaseeeeeeee watch this video this is our performance from Day of europe, we have prepared and danced Heart on Fire :D we did few mistakes but don't look on it cuz we had only one week to prepared this:D
Just Fire ! :D (this flame was made by hair spray XD)


# : 16  2008 10:57

Salut! Sa stii ca esti cea mai tare in arealul postsovietic si european! Cum ai aparut pe estrada internationala la Eurovision, am vazut nasterea unei Megastar in muzica usoara!
Acum o saptamana intrand pe i-net am ascultat piesele tale recente si vazut clipul tau nou "Moon of Dreams" cu T-Pain.
Ruslana, asta e SUPERRRR!!! Iti scriu deaceea ca, asta noapte am visat clipul asta si pe tine. M-am trezit cu fredonarea acestui cantec pe buze.
Ma numesc Vitalie si sunt din Chisinau, Basarabia. Iti doresc succese mai departe, te asteptam la noi si bafta! Esti COOL si te iubesc!


# : 16  2008 11:01


# : 2  2008 16:39 - : RuslanaTube

I got this message from 92kemicar via YouTube:

Hy from Croatia

I know that I am only one of the million Ruslana's fans, but please can you tell me where can I find a CD with a Ruslana's autograph. Please tell me, and one more thing, if you know Ruslana, please tell her that she's amazingly good, too god and the best. She's all that some composer can be, she's...

(addressing any of wespecz or Nikoleta)

I pass on the question about CD with autograph to you. Maybe you know and can reply. I have already replied I dont have information about it so you dont have to say something too if you dont have any info but if you have then feel free to reply this user


# : 2  2008 16:49


hahahaha, interesting nick

No, I also don't have info how one could get Ruslana's autograph......I have it on a DVD but I received it under different circumstances(you know, the banner comp.)


# : 2  2008 21:09

Yes we received not CD but signed DVD. Promo DVD. But please note that this was for banner competiton and no DVDs were officially released yet.



# : 4  2008 02:53

perhaps the best way to get the autograph is to ask Rusya to sign it herself. She does it always friendly=)
but the hardest is to find her!


# : 4  2008 08:10

perhaps the best way to get the autograph is to ask Rusya to sign it herself.
who could think of it?!


# : 26  2008 13:46

Dear Ruslana,

first, I would like you to congratulate your success. Your music is really top class, and I hear it every day recently. She has something special that nobody else has. I regret that I you and your music only now hear. Songs like "kolomyika (original ukrainian version)" are sooo nice/cool/difficult to find words. I am probably soon one of your biggest fans from Germany. I hope I can you admire Live soon.
You are the prettiest woman I've seen until now. Stay on your way, the path of strong when you him go, and your fans happy!

?I hope you read this.

OneLove Ruslana

your Chris from Saxony in Germany

15 tracks

# : 27  2008 04:19

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Josip SKejo

# : 30  2008 09:00

I am 92Kemicar on youtube, if you don't know. So I've been here, on Ruslana forum for few years. Forum is great. I know that it's hard to get autograph from Ruslana, but honestly, when I am listening Ruslana songs, Ruslana lives in my heart, in my soul. I love her. and who now, maybe, I'll never meet her. But she's in my heart. Don'r worry and be happy!
92Kemicar=Josip Skejo
Greetings from Croatia


# : 30  2008 09:05

Josip SKejo
and who now, maybe, I'll never meet her.

and who knows, may be, some day you'll meet her


# : 30  2008 16:22

Dear Ruslana!
I want to thank you for making me a whole person with a developped wild mind lol I live in Canada and most people never heard of this wild style which I try to bring out as much as I can, because I am proud that a ukranian singer revolutionized creativity by opening to us a whole new world of wild dances and wild energy! I hope I can meet you in person so I can tell you everything in person! People here are curiosu as to where I get my ideas as I walk around with my purple or blue eye liner with long brown hair, a leather purse and brown platform boots. I love your music and I especially love you!!!!!! You are one of a kind spirit who will keep living in my heart! DIKI TANCI!!!!!!!!!!!

Josip SKejo

# : 31  2008 16:05

I agree with DikaDomino!


# : 5  2008 17:10 - : wespecz

Dear Ruslana, I visited message for you from damianaptek, Poland:

I'll post every future messages to the Fan Club section Your texts and also here.


Ruslana!! I love you!! You are very good singer!! Can you sing Moon of dreams but in Polish. I know that it could be difficult but do it for Poland. You are very popular here. And Poland and Ukraine are very good partners. So please do it!!


# : 5  2008 19:21

Dear Ruslana
You are and always will be the best! i have got some sort of obssession with your music. i have played it so much, people are getting annoyed but i still carry on listening because its awesome, you should release ALL your songs here in UK, im sure everyone will become wild! anyway cyaa


# : 13  2008 10:40

*Dear ,

Greetings from Poland! You are very popular here. In Poland we have a lot of wild people and we love you soooooooo much!
I saw your performance on "Miss Poland 2008" and I think that you were the best artist who appeared on stage. And i hope that you will sing a song in Polish one day. I really want to hear it
You are a great singer. I can't wait to see you on Sopot Festiwal 2008. I won't be there but I will wath it on TV
Once again - greetings from Poland! We love you!


# : 20  2008 09:13

Dear "Queen" Ruslana

Me and all your romanian "vassals" congratulate you for all your extraordinary musical career and for all your wildness!!!!!!! We're sure that the wild energy will not stop here. The flame of our wild hearts will continue to burn forever!!! So, we want to give you our royal special gift: a sincere and profound "WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!" VIVA UKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA


# : 20  2008 09:24

Oh, I forget.................."From all your romanian fans, good luck for the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ancuta & friends


# : 21  2008 14:28 - : merdziiikaa

Me and my friends wish you lots of big succes.
We love you!!! You're the coolest person in the woOOOrld!!! I love your voice and music!
I became your fan at Eurovision. You were really wild and I could feel your energy. You were so awesome! I was so wildly happy that you won. I even tried to dance your wild dance. I'm not that good as you are.
I was really crazy when I heard that you're in Slovenia.


# : 12 ѳ 2009 23:13

Message for Ruslana by LadyFlame.

Hello Ruslana,

thank You for accepting my friendship. I appreciate this and I will be careful with it.
I hope that I will see You soon in Germany giving a concert, because your music and your shows are absolutely amazing.

I am a great fan of modern music, folklore and pop-stars especially from GUS-states and from East Europa. For me it is not strange that nearly every year on Eurovisions-song-contest is winning an eastern country. Nobody can deny that in the East of Europa are really the greatest stars like you of course, but also Dima Bilan, Isis Gee, Ani Lorak, Mitsoura, etc. You all have deserved to win and I would be glad to see you again to participate on Eurovision.

With my best whishes from Germany to Ukraine from


# : 14 ѳ 2009 20:10

Dear Wild Sistaaaa

Just wanted to say: "Love ya!!"


# : 14 ѳ 2009 22:19

mi tebe ljublijemu - ti znajesh :-) Wild kiss
Sorry the word for kiss in Ukrainian is too long.
But perhaps there's a reason for that ? :-)

Olena Soltysyak

# : 17 ѳ 2009 12:47

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Olena Soltysyak

# : 17 ѳ 2009 13:02

Ruslana and Olexander,
Thank You for everything what You have done or what You are doing now. Thank You for Your contribution and care. You are very kind, honest and generous people. You do not forget about orphanages or when You rose global problem about people being sold, all these proves that You are very warm - hearted and generous.
I want You to know, there are people in your site that are more tnen happy to hepl You somehow, of course they are not managers of show business, but their help would be frank and true.
It would be good if somebody write what would You like to see or what You expect from fans, may be some kind of help.
Best wishes Olena

My e - mail


# : 13  2009 01:22

YOU go Girl !Stay origianal! I very Proud of you!Hello from my boys to you.Love@Peace.


# : 14  2009 15:38

Dear Ruslana, thank you!! You are so great! I love you, you are absolutely amazing! You are an unique person with a great heart, and great music. You're a lot more than great, words can't describe. I really want to see you live in concert and meet you in person, that's my biggest dream! You're show is amazing and wild! You make my life happy, I'm very proud of being fan of you!
Much LOVE from Norway.
Best wishes from Marte.

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