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# : 25 ѳ 2014 09:28

Need some for today.


# : 25 ѳ 2014 15:05

But the police was a bit in the way XD
Be glad it was not Kieuw militsija


# : 25 ѳ 2014 23:50


Protest in Brussels 21/01/2014

Auto Maidan_NL 25/01/2014:


# : 26 ѳ 2014 21:17

Ruslana her speech in Brussels


# : 26 ѳ 2014 22:12


Thanks for the pictures! On one of them is me from behind

And you are in the video as I mentioned in the other topic


# : 27 ѳ 2014 21:05

Hihi Yes I saw the picture. It was taken by my friend. XD I saw myself I hate to see myself on pictures or video. Especially video.


# : 27 ѳ 2014 23:51 - : cora

There are some good photos here.

On some of them we are both.


# : 28 ѳ 2014 16:55

News article about Ruslana's support for the people!


# : 28 ѳ 2014 21:24

last week she told in Reyers Laat she was not afraid ? Ruslana better be afraid - there are reasons enough to be - and carefull then dead


# : 28 ѳ 2014 21:41

There are some good photos here.
On some of them we are both.

Yes, and Ruslana

The man on the picture someone is holding : Stephan Bandera ?

I also like the pic with Esther and the police.


# : 29 ѳ 2014 18:16
³ et-wat-het-Oekraiense-regime-met-opposanten-doet-maar-zei-waar-het-op-stond.dhtml

The guy who wrote it didn't like WD, but admires her courage (as we all do :-))


# : 29 ѳ 2014 23:11

Reactie van Frank vee :
Ruslana, populistisch one hit wondertje van een vorig decennium, ruikt opnieuw de kans op een postje! . Ik zie echt niet in waarom de waarheid volgens dat brabbelend warhoofd de enige en echte waarheid zou moeten zijn.

Mijn antwoord : (had 5 bladzijden kunnen zijn)

Populistisch ???
One hit wondertje ? Nee ze is een wondertje.

De kans op een postje ? Ze staat gvd al vanaf eind november elke nacht op Majdan (Onafhankelijkheidsplein)om de "opstandelingen" moed in te spreken en te zingen.
Ik ken haar persoonlijk. Leuk "postje" daar in de vrieskou met ordetroepen die elk moment kunnen aanvallen.

Zou De Standaard haar ooit geinterviewd hebben over de situatie in Ukraine - in de buitenlandpagina's als ze een "brabbelend warhoofd" zou zijn ?

Ze zegt gewoon wat vele Oekraieners denken en zet er zich 100 % achter.
Moest ze het doen om in de "boekjes" te komen dan zou ze bv gaan straatracen onder invloed van drugs of drank.

Guido Miegielsen


# : 31 ѳ 2014 00:06

On Ruslana her official facebook page there is a translation of what she said at at the Plenary Session of the EESC. Ah well I post it here:

Speech of RUSLANA at the Plenary Session of the EESC - Now in ENGLISH
30 januari 2014 om 22:57
Speech of RUSLANA
as Maidan Activist

Plenary session of the European Economic and Social Committee of 21 January 2014

We have been naively standing for 2 months, waiting for Yanukovych to understand that Ukrainian people want to the European Union, that Ukrainians see their future with Europe.

After the first assault on November 30th at 4 am we could not understand how 'Berkut' can beat people on the biggest symbol of Independence near the Stele of Independence Square while performing national anthem of Ukraine. We could not understand how the security forces can beat up a girl, fallen and not able to stand up, until she lost consciousness. We could not understand why the security forces had been hitting the girl in the ribs until she started bleeding. We could not understand why another girl's face was so ripped by 'Berkut' that her parents could not identify her. As for today the students who missed that night cannot be found... It happened as on the 30th of November.

Yanukovych wanted blood, but even after that we were still peaceful.

On the 10th of December there was an assault on the Maidan in order to disperse peaceful protest of Ukrainians. Men were standing in a 'live' chain, and girls with their hands up and shouted: 'We are unarmed!', 'We are just standing!', 'This is our right!'.

We were legitimately protesting against the actions of such government. We do not want to go where it is calling us. We want to Europe!

All this time day and night we were freezing without food and sleeping. We lost health, we lost strength, but continued to say, 'Yanukovych, listen to us! We want to Europe!'. It was said by millions of people who came from all over the country: Donetsk, Luhansk, Odessa, Crimea, Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities. Then Yanukovych ordered police to block all the roads, so that people could not get to Kyiv. Then Yanukovych brought up the internal forces in order to turn back cars and buses, so no one could get to Kyiv. Then Yanukovych

surrounded us by 'Berkut' around the perimeter, so that we were afraid and ran home.

Yanukovych wanted blood from the beginning, from the first day of peaceful protest. Yanukovych does not want to Europe. He wanted to provoke Maidan, he wanted to provoke ordinary people and he is doing it today. This blood, this fire these are actions of Yanukovych. He knows how to incite 'Berkut' against ordinary people. He knows where to send the 'Berkut' in order to beat people. It is Yanukovych who is doing all of this and no more illusions: He is a dictator!

It is painful for me to admit that such a page as 'Yanukovych' appeared in the history of my country. Ordinary Ukrainians say today, that it is, unfortunately, a continuation of Stalin.

We want together with you to stop dictatorship in Ukraine. My goal of coming here today is to deliver the opinion of ordinary people, that have been peacefully standing till now on the Independence Square.

We want to stop the fire on Hrushevskoho! We want democracy! We want the guarantee of basic human rights! We want to live, we want it so much!

On the 16th of January Yanukovych made the biggest provocation against the Ukrainian people. He humiliated us in front of the whole world. He wanted to bring us to his knees. He signed totally unconstitutional laws that were passed through unconstitutional procedure. It was done artificially, immediately in order to prohibit Maidan and legitimize the dictatorship. He did it so quickly, so that neither we nor any other society in the world managed to direct their attention to it. He will always commit his crimes immediately.

I expose myself to great danger saying these words, but I have no other choice.

Under the new law I have no right to say all of the above-mentioned. Under the new law after return to Ukraine I can be captured as my friend, Maidan activist - Igor Lutsenko, was captured today. He disappeared this morning and no one knows where he was. The same will happen with anyone. It is Yanukovych's plan. He must show to the whole world that he destroyed Maidan and, in such a way overcame the situation in Ukraine.

Yanukovych will try to destroy the peaceful protest by any means: 'Berkut', fire, weapon. Today, at this moment 'Berkut' is shooting at ordinary people, boys and girls, journalists. People have reached this boiling point, which is on the conscience of Yanukovych.

Upon my return to Kyiv I will be doing my best to establish peace in any way. We immediately have to return to the peaceful situation.

We do not want fire! We do not want blood. Ukrainian - peacemakers! Ukraine is a peaceful nation.

Europe! Please, help to stop the bloody actions of Yanukovych. Sanctions are necessary in any form: even resolution, even attempt, even a statement about the possible financial verification of assets of Yanukovych's team and members of his government, who gave these criminal orders (including Zakharchenko, Klyuev, Azarov).

All of us cannot look at that dictatorship, which is now in Ukraine. This is wrong! We strongly expect European support in an efficient manner!

We know that European laws work. It is these laws, according to which accounts of the corrupt government that stole public money should be blocked. First of all, this appeal pertains to the country, where money of the members of Ukrainian government are concentrated Austria!

We really hope that you will hear us today! I want to return to the Maidan with confidence that we are not alone.

It is very difficult, not so easy for us!

Like small children, we are naively standing and waiting, when justice will prevail.

We know that this evil can be stopped! And I know that if you want you will find the opportunity to help Ukraine, because Ukraine is Europe!

Maidan Activist


# : 5  2014 19:39

Ruslana is now live on polish TV talking about the situation in Ukraine


# : 6  2014 13:06 - : Esther

PROTEST on Saturday 8th of February at "De Dam" in Amsterdam The Netherlands. From 12:00-17:00

For more information:


# : 19  2014 20:59 - : flipsty

Central Kyiv looks like a hell hole right now.


# : 20  2014 06:10


# : 22  2014 10:22

It's horrible and unbelievable. I hadn't seen beauty in all its aspects destroyed in such a horrific way before.


# : 22  2014 20:42

Sorry for writing in dutch :
Parys mei 1968 : onder de kasseien het strand


# : 6  2014 12:48

I hadn't seen Ruslana on MSNBC, last month. I can't stand MSNBC, that's why I missed the interview.


# : 9  2014 15:38

the russians love their children too, but Putin has no children


# : 21  2014 23:25

May 01, 2014
Ukrainian Singer Ruslana Moves a Washington Crowd
Her Chances of Moving Policy or Preventing a War Are Less Clear
By James Rupert

While song and emotion come effortlessly for Ukrainian musician and pro-democracy activist Ruslana Lyzhychko, she says she's nervous about speaking publicly in English, a language with which she struggles. But Wednesday night she delivered a meticulously practiced appeal for Ukraine to 900 of Washington and Europe's foreign policy and business elite. When she finished with a soaring rendition of Ukraine's national anthem, the crowd was on its feet, and Ruslana had turned a ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Hotel into an outpost of Kyiv's Maidan.

It's unclear, of course, whether even the most moving appeals will yield a US-European confrontation of Russia that might deter if from invading Ukraine. Hours before Ruslana sang, Vice President Joe Biden announced a visit to Poland and elsewhere in Europe by President Obama in June. That is, after a month that contains possible triggers for an invasion, such as a May 11 secessionist referendum proclaimed by Russian-allied gunmen in eastern Ukraine, and the May 25 election for a Ukrainian president.

Ruslana's audience Wenesday, the fundraising gala at which the Atlantic Council presents annual awards for leadership in building transatlantic relations, was often a noisy chat-fest. Atlantic Council CEO Fred Kempe carried a glass and knife to the podium to ding-ding for attention, and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso joked from the podium that he had gotten more disciplined listenership from his students years ago at Georgetown University.

But Ruslana, known in the musical and Slavic worlds by her first name, took the room in a seizure-by-passion. It began as soon as the motherly prime minister of Latvia, Laimdota Straujuma, introduced her, recalling Ruslana's nightly rallying of Ukraine's pro-democracy demonstrators amid winter snow and bitter cold at Kyiv's Maidan Nezalezhnosti. "I am reminded of my country's singing revolution 25 years ago," Straujuma said. Ruslana bounded up to the stage in a black outfit, a blue-yellow Ukrainian flag around her neck, and wrapped Straujuma in the kind of passionate, daughterly hug you see at airport arrival gates, not black-tie dinners.

In the throaty alto that won Ruslana the Eurovision song contest a decade ago, she spoke softly, slowly to a silenced room. She condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin for his military seizure of Crimea and his government's not-really-covert backing of the armed and masked squads of gunmen who are seizing control of eastern Ukrainian cities. "Putin uses just one rule that there are no rules for him," she almost whispered into the microphone.

Less expected was her blunt callout of President Barack Obama.

"Who is the leader of the world today?" she asked an audience that included Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Then slowly, her pronunciation meticulous: "Here is my appeal to America. Mr. President Obama: Words cannot stop tanks. A war can only be stopped with resolute action. Be the leader. Stop the war. Help Ukraine keep its freedom. ... You are acting as if Putin is on Mars but not on Earth."

Ukrainians who share Ruslana's determination to keep Ukraine independent and whole already have lost the option that Ruslana really wants, to "stop the war." Russia holds Crimea and its separatist allies control cities and towns across the heavily industrialized Donbas region of southeastern Ukraine. Moscow threatens a full-scale, conventional invasion if Ukraine contests that control.

In any such invasion, the Ukrainians "are not going to beat the Russians out in the open field when thousands of tanks move in," according to former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. "They'll only beat them one way: prolonged urban resistance," Brzezinski said in a conference on Europe's future that the council held before Wednesday's fundraiser. He urged the Obama administration to tell Russia clearly now that the United States and its allies will arm Ukrainians with the arms such as shoulder-fired anti-tank weapons and missiles for a long, grinding war in cities such as Donetsk.

"If we are to deter the Russians from moving in, we have to convince the Russians that it will be costly and prolonged. ...The Ukrainians will only fight if they think they will eventually get some help from the West," including weapons, Brzezinski said. "If they do resist, it's going to be like the Spanish Civil War."

Ruslana has been making speeches in Washington and European capitals for months, and she doesn't get far into the weeds of policy choices. She did call Wednesday for western sanctions against the big, state-run companies that prop up Russia's economy the gas producer Gazprom and the oil company Rosneft.

But mainly, her message is simple. "Help us," she said Wednesday night. "Do everything to save human lives."

Ukraine already has reached the point where either lives or some of its independence will be lost.

James Rupert is managing editor at the Atlantic Council.

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