Forum rules

Welcome to Ruslana's official forum. In order to keep the forum running well and to make your stay as pleasant as possible, please follow these simple rules.

Forum rules for members

1. Use a friendly, respectfull language. Do not post any material which is defamatory, abusive, racist, insulting, harrassing, obscene, pornographic and/or threatening.

2. Mind, that we all have different opinions, so don't attack people because of a different opinion.

3. Criticism, debating and discussion is welcome as long as a reasonable language is used.

4. Topics and posts insulting Ruslana will not be tolerated and will be removed by the admin or moderators.

5. Do not raise your voice and scream by using CAPITAL LETTERS repeatedly.

6. Refrain from posting nonsense posts.

7. Using the forum for commercial or advertising purposes is not allowed.

8. Before creating a new topic, use the "Search" function, to find out, if there is already a topic with the same subject existing.

9. If opening a new topic, choose the appropriate forum (e.g. Eurovision, Fan club, etc.)

10 You can create a topic in any language.

11. Avoid writing in a language which is unknown by the member who you are talking to.

12. Do not share illegal videos, songs etc. by posting a link here.

13. Forum members repeatedly violating the forum rules will be banned from the forum.

Forum rules for moderators

1. Remove posts and topics only in following cases:
- non-authorized advertising
- defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, racist, insulting, harrassing, obscene, pornographic, threatening posts
- posts causing emnity
- spams.

2. Please don't simply delete a post (except for spams, massive violations of forum rules and your own posts), but with the help of edit button replace it by following phrase: Deleted by ___ (your forum nick) because of ___ (shortly explain the reason). In other case the structure of discussion will be broken.

3. Don't delete topics unless it is absolutely necessary. Don't delete topics just because they are old or not frequently used anymore. This is the task of the admin only. Don't delete topics with 50 or more pages.

4. Please block spammers before you remove their posts: In the member profile (click on "member" underneath a user's name) you'll find "yes/no" in the last line. Tick "no" to block this member.

5. Please don't violate your moderator's power for personal revenge or to stop criticism and discussions (if reasoned and ethical of course).