FAQ about the forum

- How should I answer a post?

In order to give your post a clear structure, we recommend to address the person, whom you want to answer and to quote from his/her post. Click on the name of the person, whom you want to answer: the name appears in the text field below between [b][/b]. The name will later appear bold. Mark the text which you want to quote and click on "quote". The quoted text appears between [i][/i]. This text will later appear in italics. Now you can write your answer below the quoted text.

- I can't see anything called "quote". What shall I do?

Try either to update the webpage, wait some time to reply or use the manual quotation with cut and paste and the [i][/i] signs.

- How can I make a text bold, italic or underlined?

Above the text field you see on the left three symbols: B, I and U. Click on the one required and type your text between the square brackets: [b]bold[/b], [i]italics[/i], [u]underlined[/u].

- How can I post images in the forum?

An image which you want to post in the forum must exist somewhere on the internet. Either you use the URL (link) of an internet picture or you put yourself a picture on the internet.

a) If you want to post a picture which exists already on the internet, click on the button with the three multicoloured symbols above the text field. [img][/img] appears in the text field. Place the URL of the image in between [img] and [/img]. Please note that the photo will disappear from the forum, if the URL changes for whatever reason. More long-lasting are pictures which you upload yourself onto the internet.

b) To upload a picture onto the internet, you can use free photo albums, e.g. http://photobucket.com. After you have logged yourself in, you can upload your pictures. Copy the URL of your uploaded photo together with the square brackets: [img]URL[/img] and add it to your post on the forum.

- How can I "hide" an URL behind an underlined word?

Click above the text field on the symbol with the globe. [url=][/url] appears in the text field. Add URL and text according to following example: [url=http://www.ruslana.ua]Ruslana's homepage[/url]. The result will look like this: Ruslana's homepage.

- Members and moderators can use which functions?

Members can:
- edit their own posts with the "edit" button. But this is possible only once and only within two days after posting.
- close a topic which he/she has opened. You'll find the respective button underneath the text field.

Moderators can:
- edit posts of their own and of others.
- delete posts of their own and of others.
- delete, close, move a topic or make it "sticky". "Sticky" means that a topic will stay at the top of the forum list, even if no new post will be added. "Sticky" can be reversed.
- re-open a closed topic.
- set ban users that violates the forum rules.

- How do I open a new topic?

Before opening a new topic, please check, if a topic with similar content exists already on the forum by using the "search" option. If this doesn't exist, choose the most appropriate forum (e.g. Fan Club or Off Topic).

- How do I use the "search" option?

You can search for authors or for words/texts in posts and topics. You can change the search time scale which is automatically set on 365 days. Set on 999 to access the full forum archive.

- How can I contact the admin?

For general questions or comments about the forum, please feel free to address any of its moderators by using this topic.
And Administrator you can write an e-mail - forum_ruslana@ukr.net

- I am new here, where can I introduce myself?

New forum users are always welcome and encouraged to actively participate in the forum. You can introduce yourself or post your first post in any topic. To introduce yourself, this topic is useful.